Thursday, July 24, 2008

A trip to Marketplace

Today was in the Marketplace today, and got a shock at a price. Would you believe it?
One water melon, just one water melon, which is square in shape, cost $89.00. And one dozen of peach from Japan cost $250.00~!

This is so unbelievable. The peach must be super tasty de loh. But came to think of it, if the peach is too ripe, what would the marketplace do with it?

As I go to the razor section, it cost $19.30 for a Gillette good type of razor. The Razor fusion. I am glad I got the shaver last time. Yup. I don’t use razor. I uses shaver, because it is smooth, and doesn’t cause hurt, and doesn’t cut the skin. I am using braun shaver, 8000 series. It is a rechargeable shaver with cleaning kit. That means after shaving, I can just put it into the cleaning kit, and it will automatically clean, dry and recharge by itself. And the only thing that needs is a new cutter after certain number of hours and liquid for the cleaning kit.

Anyway, As I walk around, I noticed this mussel that is selling today. It is a LIVE mussel, black lip, and is very good pack the beard is removed. I wanna eat that one day, cos it looks cool, and can cook pasta with it. Yum Yum. Maybe tmr I get it and cook with pasta. The seafood offered by the small sushi shop is also very tempting, because they looks fresh and big.

How I wish I can eat every seafood it sells, and among the seafood he seels I only get to eat this Sazae. Yum Yum. It is a type of shell, and you cook it with the shell under the heat fire for 6 minutes, and can dig it up and eat. And can also drink the sauce, because it is the best.


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