Saturday, July 19, 2008

The emptying

Seen the picture here? It is quite funny picture about a dog caught by a trap. And when he is struggling to get free of the trap, and suddenly, another fox which is a tradegy came and made his life more difficult.
This reminds me that sometime, things that seems real difficult are never at its worst. There is a potential that it can get worse, but the difficulty that you are in right now, is much better than the worse. Therefore, keep calm, and there must be a way to get out of the trouble before it get worse.

My pouchesEmptying pocket

I do an inventory check on my pouches today, and open up everything and check on the stuff for the condition. Itook a photo of it, and these are the things that I carries everyday as I walk around. Quite a lot of stuff, cos I am keen in getting ready all the time, to solve all technical difficulties. Most of them are unforeseen.
There are things like: Spanner, plier, big or long nose pliers, goggle, water level, multi meter, allen key metric and imperial, pen knife, fuses, standart spanner, ratchet spanner, ratchet screw driver, measuring tape, scrapper, chisel, wire cutter, face mask, screw drives, standard, secondary torchlights, brush, ear plug, hose clip, fluke voltage locator, permanent marker, paint marker, insulation tapes, white tape, torchlight etc. all the things that is necessary to get things done.
Sometime I may grumble about carrying so many things, but when the needs arrive, it really is useful to have the tool at hand.

Taxi fare is really going up

Sometime, I really dun understand why the fare transportation fares keep on going up and up. for taxi especially. I thought the use fo taxi is to stop poeople from buying more cars, but it seems that now the public transport is not the taxi, but buses and mrt. Normally I do not take taxi, cos I have the train always, but it is always very veyr crowded. can you imagine the tiredness of standing and squeezing in the train? hmm...


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