Sunday, July 20, 2008

First time facial treatment.

Today is quite a busy day. Hmm… I was wondering why is it that with no girlfriend, no family, yet I am still always busy. Perhaps it is because of the study stuff.
I think I am becoming a nerd or something, cos I am facing with the books everyday, and I really have no choice, cos there is just so much things to do, and the schedules are quite packed up. I even wish to take time out to play the command and conquer.
I am into playing this game in a site, called Viwawa. It is Http:// In Viwawa, you can get to play with a lot of games with a lot of people online. Thus, polishing some skills. All thank to Ivan who introduce this to me, Viwawa is very cute game with Mahjong, Numeroid, Sushido, and some other games that I hardly know of. I am into mahjong, cos it is quite challenging, and really test skills de.

Facial treatment

I got a free ear candling last week, cos I spent a targeted amount of money in hair cutting. And Amy, who is my usual hairstylist, introduced me to their skin care center which is just beside the hair studio.
Conveniently located in Marsiling MRT station, it is just beside the toilet, where the rent is cheap, resulting in cheap hair cut. As I went for ear candling today, Syndi who is the person in charge, asked whether would I want to consider for a facial treatment. I have not done before, so I would like to take an opportunity to give it a try.
There are some cleaning, cleansing and refreshing, that really makes me feel much better. And the ear after the free ear candling, feels better, cos it is actually a treatment that clears the ear wax in the ear.
The facial treatment is to get rid of the black head and to clean deep in the pores of any impurity.
The beauty center is quite cheap, cos it charges a usual $38 for normal face treatment, and for a limited time period, they offers a half price of $19 per treatment.
It is conveniently locate in marsiling MRT station, and toilet is just near by.
It is called Sun May, and there are 2 branch one at Viata Point, and another in MArsiling MRT station.

Another assignment down~!

Once again, another assignment is completed. And next is the project assignment. How is it possible to finish the project report in 5 days? Hmm…


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