Saturday, August 02, 2008

NATAS fair 2008

Master PC degraded??

Today I was in Cineleisure, and play the command and conquer at the deck, to have a feel of how the system works. AMAZING~! The soldiers and units everything runs faster than the one I am using at home~! Are they overclocked or upgraded to higher end??

Spped is fast, and the graphics are cool.
Too bad because money is precious, I din go and venture into how is the performance of the pc there.

I think maybe I can go home and lower some of the graphics performance and see if there is an increase in speed.

E-zone Shipped out~!

OH NO~! E zone is shipped out of cineleisure~! Well is it a blessing or a curse? The blessing is that the games that came in is better than E zone. Can you imagine how frustrated a person can be, if the buttons or joystick doesn’t respond?
The curse is that the price is up~!

IMAgine playing a game, for $1.50~! So expensive de loh, play two games, and I can use that to buy a chicken rice. And fill up the tank. So sad.

So one leisure is down, cos will not be going to cineleisure to play the arcade.
Is the arcade losing end in Orchard? So far, there are only three arcades I know of in orchard. Maybe one day I can go for a game of pool too.

2 Weeks restrain

I am into this program calls 2 weeks detox program. It is to avoid meat, especially red meat, eat more veggie, taking some pills to cleanse the body of toxic. It actually started last Monday, and so, my lunch variety are really limited. NO MEAT~! No OILY FOOD~! Plenty of water and veggies to clear the stomach, colons, kidney, and liver.

Why I go into this is because I wanna have a clean better health, and to be more alert. So far, I think, it is getting improving, and hopefully by the end of two weeks, I can have steamboat for 2 weeks. Haha. So Mr Keith, if you watch me eating veggies most of the time in steamboat, dun be surprise hoh.

NATAs fair

The natas fair started yesterday, and I dropped by yesterday to check on the cheapest fair there I really hate this habit of procrastinating, because it made me lose a big deal. I was sourcing for an air ticket in one of the booth, and the sales actually is gong gong, then quoted a price of 1218. Then I think it is a huge saving, but I would like to go for another round, and when I returned, the price is given by another girl who quote a higher price, after hearing, I try to work back the cost to find out why the first girl give me a lower price. Later found out it is because the first girl did not add in an extra tax, that’s why she gets a lower one. AH~! If I get hold of it the first time, I could actually gets it~! DUH~

Anyway, God’s blessing, I got hold of an air ticket, and now, it is time to look for the rail and accom in that country. As for which country I am going, I will post it AFTER I get there. Else everyone will look out for me there. But the tip is it is at the peak period I am going, so that’s why early planning is essential.

Free and Easy Booth

The Natas is really crowded, and the most longest queue will be the free and easy line. I noticed that more and more people are opting for the free and easy holiday because it could have given people more time in doing their shopping, rather than take bus from here to there, stay for 30 minutes and then move to another place. Anyway, I go for a holiday that is self planned, so meaning I will go there, to stay and venture out myself. Haih, if my mum goes with me, it would be better, but she is not interested in there. Else can have someone chop the seats for me there. I wonder does the “tissue booking technique” exit there. Ha ha, Singapore really have this tactic of using a tissue to chop the seats while the person goes and buy the food.


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