Sunday, August 10, 2008

End of Detox tomorrow

End of detox program

Tommorrow is a special day, because it will ends the detox program. Yup It is a two weeks of no meat, no red meat, only veggies, just to cleanse the body of the toxic, and also to take fibers, laxatives to clear the food in the intestines and colons. It is said to improve the skin and health, and I think it is true. With the help of the detox program, the body will rid off the waste faster before it builds up. A perspn will feel better after it, and of course, I may feel weak a bit, but after it, maybe it will be better.

The most important is the use of the fibers, because the fibers will absorb the toxin to the fibers, and brings it to the colon, which discharge it out. The use of laxative is to enhance the bowel movement, so that toxic absorbed fiber can be discharge quickly and smoothly.

To add to it, I gotta eat veggies, to allows the normal diet to get the nutrients. Wow, three type of pills to take. Anyway, hope can get a better health there.
To add on to the detox program, milk thistle is also used to clean the liver and kidney, so that the toxin can be removed quickly.

Duh, the only day is on Saturday, cos there is this crab eating session, so dunno does it affect the detox or not.


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