Sunday, August 10, 2008

Yesterday was National Day


Yup, the day before yesterday was the olympic day, and it really is a huge cheer in China. Everyone were talking about the bird nest. haha, but one great amazing about the bird nest is the large area of column free structure. it have no columns, and all were supported by the cantilever effect, allowing the roof to be supported by many steels. This roof, can provide shelter in case of raining. It must be a good study of the metal structure.

The only thing that is left to test, must be the endurance of the winter. You see, steel losses its ductiliy if exposed to the cold weather. and when ductility is lost, it will be come brittle. If the shear stress is calculate not enough, it can really lead to fracture, and the most stressful beam will be the bottom beam. Let hope and see if it was taken accounted for. But the bird nest is truly a good name, cos now whenever the people around the world were talking about the bird nest, they would immediately think of the China's bird nest. haha

Singapore NAtional Day

Yesterday was national day for singapore too. wow, 2 days ago is olympic day, yesterday national day, and it is the first time we will see the minister mentor Lee Kuan Yew not attending this year's national day. This is because he will be in China visiting the olympic.

I have not yet seen the telecast of the national day, so not know. Anyway, yesterday was in East coast eating seafood with some friends. It is really nice. It is in the jumbo seafood restaurant, and there are three crabs to share among a table of 9. It is in the aircon room, so too bad there is no sound of the firework if there is one. I am angry about the TV placed in the room, becaus eit is not playing the olympic or the national day parade. All it shows is a VCD playing of the food and even after asking the manager to play the TV, but they says that the signal is not very good. I think they have not given a good consideration of the event. If there is a soccer match, the people can also dine in and watch the soccer. yet, the TV only plays the food, which really get very bored.

Command and Conquer

I am puzzle by one mission in the game yesterday. It is the mission called "Tacitus interrupted". I was playing halfway, and out of sudden, the screen exits all the way and the program was shut down. what is wrong wo?

One accomondation stuck

I will be going oversea, and one of the accomondation is stuck. It is the one in collins. I was unable to get an accomondation on the Batman's Hill. Yup you heard it correctly, there is a hotel called Batman's hill, and coincidently, there is a place called Batman' Hill. So Batman's hill do not have a slot in the day that I am going to collins, so have to find another spot.

I am going to two places, one is Mawson Lake, another is Collins. Will be taking the train from mawson lakes because it is very far. So collins is the only place that I am stuck with the arrangement. So is the visa too.

Exam approaching~!

Oh NO~! exam is approaching, and it is on next saturday~! I was on a panic now, because it really is very near and I am still far away form the assignment. 7 more to go. Duh~! Anyway, think I have to take a few day's leave to clear it. Sometime, I really wish to convert to fulltime study. But the problem with it is that there will be no income, and will add some burden to my mum, so too bad, I still have to work.


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