Sunday, August 17, 2008

Parents makes sacrifices

Money no enough 2

Went to the Marina to catch the Money no enough 2 today. Seems like wat, 1 year since I went to the cinema to catch a movie.
This is a funny and touching movie yet again. The description of the EPR is very cute.

What really makes me touched to tears is the sacrifice of the old lady, to allow the grand daughter to have that one last packet of the rare blood. Everyone knows, every grandparents will make sacrifices to allow their children to live on. When the three sons ask her for money, she gave them all and then went to beg for money. But was caught. When the children quarrel over where is she going to stay, she put up sleeping next to the toilet, or alone in a room, rather than sleeping with the children.

This reminds me of my grandpa, Mr Koh Peng Lam. He is a very bright looking old man, who strive to lives alone, with my auntie, who is living with him. He used to have alter at home, then when he moves to a new flat with my auntie, my auntie specially sacrifice the space and make another room, so that she can supervise him, and stays with him. He gives up his alter because my auntie is a Christian. Then sometimes, he prefers not to trouble us, went out to buy food and cook for himself, and then go to temple to pray.

When he reached the state where he was unable to balance himself, he suggest to everyone he wants to go into an old folks home. He knew that if he is alone, everyone of us will be worried about him. Whereas, in old folks home, he have a lot of friends around, and nurses to watch him over. We take turns to visit him on weekends, and during the Chinese new year, we brought him out to celebrate it. He is quite happy there, until the day he fell down, and the nurse informed us. We quickly rush to the hospital, and keeps on talking to him, but he is very weak, and just pass away.

Everyone was very quiet when he was cremated, but we know his time is up for him, so was well prepared. What really breaks my heart is two things he did before he pass away. One, he is still in love with grandma, because even 20 over years have pass by, he still knows she loves the favourite number. He have brought a place for himself, and insist to choose to have grandma ‘s place reserved, so that he will have her placed on the favourite number when she is exhumed from the cemetery. That number was reserved before, but for some reason, the person who hold on to that place gave up, and let our grandpa to have it, so he is now resting in the number, beside the number which my grandma loves. And when she is exhumed, he can be side by side with her.
Second thing that breaks my heart is he have walk a long long path to get to the temple just to get a place reserved for himself. When we were going back through the road, we found that the road to the nearest bus stop is really really long. And he choosed that place, and went to get a place for himself. Can you imagine how painful it is for an old man to walk a long path, just to choose the place all by himself? We never knew about where he wants to go until the day he passes away, he actually wrote letter of what to do with his body and even have a photograph nicely taken. We all were very sad when we know how much he have to go through, so that the children do not have to worry much about his funeral.

Everytime, when I went to the temple to look at my grandpa behind the glass shelves of urns, I will always noticed another urn beside with no picture: Mdm Lin. when she is exhumed, she will be in the same temple, beside my grandpa. And the long long path that I could vividly se my grandpa, walking up the hill, with sweat all over.

Parents makes great sacrifice for children.
Treasure your parents, dun make them sad.


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