Friday, August 15, 2008

Finally watched L changed the World~!

L change the worldTomorrow is the final day, one exam that has got everyone trembling. Anyway, I have been going through the topic again and again, and most of them are theory. Why are there so many theory de loh?

L Change the world

I got the movie called L changed the world, it is a third sequel of the Death notes. Apparently, L does not want to use the death note to create a “new world”. He burnt the death note, and the death God leaves him. Usually, it is watari who assist L in doing the outside work. But then, Watari is killed by Misa’s death God, so he have to solve the one last crime alone.

The last crime is about an engineered plague, being created, and the syndicate who feels that the earth is over populated, wants to kill the world, and then create another world.

Unfortunately to them, they do not have the antidote. So they cannot spread the disease. The professor who created the one and only antidote, destroy it, and kills himself. Only the professor’s daughter have the key to the antidote. The daughter went to find watari, and managed to get to L. L found out that one of his associate have turned against him, and runs away.

Through the journey, L and the evil doers fights by running from places to places, and finally, they found the doctor who have joined with the professor in a research. Together, they got the antidote, but the professor daughter was kidnapped.
The ending is really sad, because in the end, The professor daughter was left with the doctor, and he sent a gifted child to the orphanage. The child, who managed to give clue to the antidote, was never know of his fate, because L died peacefully, as what he wrote in the death note before he burns it.

This is very ironically, because L insisted not wanting the death note, but when they were chasing the bad guys towards the plane, L actually have the idea of using the death note, because it can kill them immediately. Since he is very furious at that time.


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