Sunday, August 17, 2008

DVD arrived, after the exam, Yay~!

DVD arrived

Yup, as planned, the DVD have arrived just in time after the exam. It is the DVd that I ordered some times back. It have been a long long time since I get the DVD, because I was so busy with the study and stuff, so I thought of ordering the DVD, so when the exam finished, I can get to watch it.

You may ask why I order it, because there is this promotion that when you buy a second hand DVD, you get it for almost half price of what is in the market. The strategy used by the organization is also good, inb the sense that they do not need to set up shops, which will incur some retail expenses and electrical and labour expenses. Instead, they spread the words with their good service, and therefore, can sell DVDs without the need of setting up shops. All they have to do is from their warehouse and office, and it is enough. So I happen to bounce into one good service, and put some deposit in the account. And from the internet, browse through the pages, and select the DVD, and order it.

There is no postage charges, and the DVD though it is second hand, comes in quite ok one. Although there are some scratches, but the DVD can still be played.
AVP is one movie that I have been waiting for it since the screening starts, dunno is it good or not. Who knows. Then for the stardust, My cousin says it is very nice, so maybe I will watch it one of these days. Ha ha.

National treasure, was not sure about it, because there was no review from around the friends, but it seems it is a continuation. Anyway, with a portable DVD player, I can starts watching it even though I am on the move. Thank you Jesus for the anointing.

Exam finished~!

Finally~! The exam is finished~! It is one hard exam that may cost me my confident on it. It is actually a simple topic, only a lot of theory to memorize. Why are there so many complicated terms in engineering? Then again, lucky I am not taking medicine, else I would be even more difficult in memorize the bacteria terms.
Anyway, it seems that there is only a day break out of it, because a new term starts on Monday. OH GOSH~! It’s only a day break~! How to finish off the DVD? Maybe have to spread them out watching it on the move.

Ice skating

It have been since what, years since I went for ice skating. I can still remember the first time I play ice skating in 2003, which is what, 5 years ago? I was in the jurong entertainment, where there is this huge concourse, and a lot of people are skating. I was so tempted, and went out to have a try. Nope, in the end, have to skate on all 4.

Anyway, next week after next, will be going for an ice skating with some friends. Hmm, should I start practicing? Or on the day itself?

Think think.


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