Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wireless DC sometime, It's a sign....

Wireless G RouterWireless Sot sot soon

Recently, I noticed that the wireless seems to be DC by itself or something. Dunno what is wrong wo.

I hate cables, so I uses wireless at home, so that I can move my laptop around the house. But most of the time, it is in the study room.

Anyway, I am using the orbit type Wireless G router. A router, is a device that makes sure the data it receives, goes to the designated PC. A Modem is one that convert analog signal from the telephone cable into digital signal, that is then transferred to the router, and the router will convert them into package, and transmit to the PC’s wireless device. And from there, the wireless device convert the signal into the digital signal that the CPU can read. The CPU, allocate the data to the RAM, and from the RAM, it is processed and then transferred to the Harddisk for storage if necessary.

I am looking into Wireless N device now, should the router kapuk. Wireless N is the next generation of the Wireless G. because it process faster and larger range bah. So far, I have not had the time to read up on it. But thinking aback, if I change to wireless N, all my network cards have to shift to wireless N version.
So the thinking is: should I convert to wireless N? Or should I switch back to the stone age, using LAN cable.


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