Friday, August 22, 2008

Hip diner by Billy Bomber

Billy Bomber

I happen to go for lunch at billy bomber today. Went to find a friend and see another friend called jasmine.

Jasmine is the supervisor for the billy bomber in Cineleisure. She is quite a friendly and very hardworking person.

From the first day I met her, she is friendly, and sometime tries to keep the regular customer by entertaining the customer when she is free. Unlike other waitress who sits down and chatting among each other, Jasmine walks around, and help out, even though she is the supervisor.

I have the fish and chip, with oreo mint shake, and a nacho. Haha. No one can expect me to finish up all bah. I finished single one fo the item, and was quite full.
Took a photo graph with Jasmine, and later Bluetooth to her. Quite nicely taken. But cannot post online, because have not asked her permission to do so.

Anyway, I have been given some consideration. Hip diners, by Billy bomber is actually famous for the American dish, such as ribs, beer, and shakes. But ribs was taken out from the billybomber which is an outlet, serving no lard. But they do not have the halal cert. So sometime it is quite confusing to the muslim whether is the billy bomber outlet in cineleisure halal or not. But one thing for sure, the chef in the kitchen is a muslim. So not sure about it.

Anyway, I think because the rib is taken out, the restaurant seems to be short of a lot of customer.

Detox program

When I went home to take a look at the photo, I noticed something very strange about my look.

I seems to be getting whiter, and the skins seems to be fairer. I couldn’t help wondering is this the effect of the detox? One of the great benefits of the detox is to improve the complexion. And also to get into a new mood of life. If the detox program is good, I dun mind having it 4 times a year.

Makes me a bit vain. But nowadays, guys do go for facial treatment too. Now that I am single, I wun mind going for it too. Just waiting to see where can get a good good one. As far as I know, facial sinple treatment is just adding lotion, to make the black pores out, and to squeeze out the oil in the pores, so that the face will be free of clog, and the skin breathe easier. Then if the skin breathe easier, it can create a better complexion.

Seven month praying

This is the best time of the year, the seven month praying. I get to eat the roast pig, roast duck, and well, also get to have the hose well stocked for at least 3 days. Ha ha.

You know? The roast duck can eat the drumstick, wings, and the meat can be keep for later date and fry with veggies. As for the duck bone, it also can be keep and later cook with porridge. The roast meat can besliced and keep in the freezer, and waits for the next time to cook with soup or frying as well.

Seems like the food nicely planned out. So for the next few days, there is absolutely nothing to buy for dinner, just the rice only.

50 cents per use

This is the most ridiculous idea of a bicycle shop around my place. Out of the air pump, there is a notice, saying “thank you for your support, pump air, 50 cents per use.” Is this a new money earning technique from the bicycle shop? Is he that desperate in earning? His bicycle shop is just a small shop, rent out also to a clock shop and a video game shop. Yet he still wanna collect fee from air pump. So now when my tire air is low, I would have to cycle to a longer journey to get the air pump back.

I think no one will go there to pump air, especially the foreign worker. If my tire is flat, then I go there to have air pump, but most of the time, my tire is low in pressure. Perhaps I should start considering getting a portable air pump, to pump the tire now, instead of going to the bicycle shop.


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