Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Toilet's impossible (almost) mission

Toilet mission

Today, I have the most satisifying mood today, because I have cleared the building's most difficult clog that no one have been able to clear ever since last year.

As I went in office today, one word caught my attention. "Level 3 toilet 3 out of 4 floor trap clogged". This note, was written since last week. but the problem have began last year. This brought back to 2 weeks ago.

When I open up the files, it stated that this problem have been since last year. Oh gosh~ is it that long? how come no one have informed me before? As I walk and interview the cleaner, she comment that it have been a long time, and she is having a hard time doing the moping, and sometime, water would flow out of the floow trap, and the toilet will be smelly. I asked her how come she did not voice out to the supervisor? She mention that a lot of technicians have came to pump, auger it, yet, it cannot solve the problem. I took a little measurement, check the drawings of how the pipeline goes, and arranged for the manpower. The most difficult pipeline, would be the 2.6 meter long metal pipe. so long~! is it able to be cleared?

Yup, today's the day for the most risky job. "High pressure injection". High pressure injection is a plumbing technique most dangerous being attempted by technician. It should only be used on metal pipeline, and not on thin PVC pipeline. The technique of high pressure injection, is to use a high pressure water of 200P.S.I and a high volume of water. Aiming is very important, because if the water hit the elbow, it can create pressure on the coupling, and cause dislodge. And thus, before this technique is used, the walkway below have to be condor off, and another person standing by.

When it starts, 2 floor trap immediately are cleared, left one last floor trap. It cannot be cleared off and in the midst of the operation, 2 technicians came, take a look, and say the choke cannot be cleared by this way. This word really make me very fed up. because he also was unable to clear this before, yet he is saying those sacastic word. I ignored him and keep pumping in the pipe with peserverence. After 15 minutes, the toilet was flooded to 0.5 inch deep, and flows to the other 3 floor traps. I keep on applying the pressure down, and suddenly, the water gets sucked in to the floor trap that is seriosuly choked. Checking with the people at the ground floor, and confirm there is no pipe dislodge, I was so filled with the sense of satisifaction. Finally, the choke have cleared. and on examine the debris, there are a lot of sands, and hair. now where are those sand came from? hmm.... Anyway, after the floor traps are cleared, we washed the toilet, and proved to the person that serious choke can be cleared this way, but it is really risky and dangerous.

Most difficult would be the under sink floor trap, 2.6 meter long. and the most ridiculous is that just less than 15 cm away, it is a electrical lighting. one wrong move, and it is bye bye.

IT is finally solved, Yippy!


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