Saturday, September 13, 2008

I love Eating Mushroom

This is Elmo, and twinkle, they are my cousin’s little darlings, and I really like them a lot. Elmo is can be so called my 70% investment, and it was for her birthday present in one of the years. Then later, seeing that elmo is lonely all the time, she keep a look out for twinkle, the small little maltese who become the companion of elmo. At first, everyone were afraid that the two doggies will not get together well, but later, they became best friends. The onbe behind is Elmo, who have just had his hair all shaved. And then twinkle have a very nice fur. This is a very cute picture, because elmo look very gong gong, and twinkle is laughing, but later I found out it is because my cousin was giving them treats, so they jump and stand for the doggie treats. What was in the treat that made the doggie so happy and wants it? Hmm…


Rainbow…This is one of the song sang beautiful by Ayumi. I was actually thinking of changing the song back to the original background music, but just couldn’t bear to change it, cos it is simply too nice. Rainbow music have been in the network for many years, but it is usually hidden in the Friendster, so that only the very close friend will get to hear it. But then, I think it is not productive enough to hide it in Friendster, so I brought it out to the blogspot.

Friendster Vs Facebook

Both starts with the capital F, Facebook is a very interesting website, because it contains many applications and some of them are developed by other designers, and become a very good games. I am no longer playing the Mob war, or the drug lord anymore. Instead, I am into playing a game call Be a Tycoon. It is very exciting, because it is something like a buy low sell high kinda stuff, and it is virtually unpredictable. If successful, you get your name to be posted up, along with the people around the whole world. So far, the last title was not taken up, because it requires a lot of money to get to the paramount of the Be A Tycoon.
In the facebook, people can also organize activities, and invite people to join in, and the newest improvement is that it added a chatting column and people can chat as well in the facbook. Quite nice de loh.


Eating mushroom, is a very healthy lifestyle, do you know that? It contains vitamins, and fibers, and is very tasty if you cook it well. I was eating mushroom, and remembers one of my friend who likes mushroom. Yup, it is a bit expensive, but well, whenever possible, I would get some mushroom to eat and cook it. How many people are into eating mushroom? I think if more people are into eating mushroom, it would lead to more people willing to invest into mushroom, and then the price of the mushroom will be getting lower by the year.

13th September

This is the date, of a person’s birthday……It have been 1 year. The only think that I have, is an email, which never get responded, a MSN that never sees her online. But everytime when I eat roast duck, I would be thinking of her. Maybe I should have duck tonight.


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