Thursday, September 11, 2008

Globaltronic 2008

September the 11th

This is the date most unforgettable for the new Yorkers. The day when terrorist striked terror to the heart of the Americans.


Today, I took a day off to attend this seminar in the suntec, called EDN seminar. It is a talk on electronics products, together with wireless. As it is a full day event, I took a day leave, so that I can go and attend it, to find out the step of the electronics and the information technology.
Through the seminar, I came to know how advanced the electronics and wireless have evolved. While we are using the quad processor, the industrial have already been using octa-processing unit, and the explanation why PCI express motherboard is widely accepted in the industry, and got to know that since we have motherboard, we also have daughter board. Haha, why is it not called fatherboard? Then we will have son board.

Stupid shoe

And this stupid shoe of mine, is a rubber shoe, and while I was walking to the ballroom, the shoe actually disintegrate by itself, and shatter all over the place. This is so embarrassing de loh. Imagine, I was walking, and suddenly, it become powder, and I was walking with one foot bare. Thank GOD, there is a BATA shop nearby the convention center, and I quickly get a replacement.
One day, I gotta remind myself to get another black shoe, incase the same incident happens again. And speaking of which, one of my pair of sport show is also spoilt. Am I gaining weigh or something?


I have a great craving for steamboat buffet, ever since my cousin brought me to the steamboat in bugis. It is very very the nice, because the soup is tasty, and there are a wide variety of veggies, and meat. When I finished with it, I have great craving, that I went to my office, and start asking people whether are they interested in the steamboat. Ha ha, but then, one of my colleague mentioned that I should go to geylang, because he finds it nice there. Hmm…. I wonder which part of geylang is he talking about. Maybe next week, I should go and take a look at where he is pointing.

Sometime, I really wonder, where are all the food that I ate went to? You know, I have the ability to continue to eat and eat and eat, but I look so thin, that everyone questions my ability to eat in steamboat. Ha ha. I can eat till the steamboat boss recognize me. Cos I can eat a lot. But when I woke up in the morning, I would feel hungry again, and I would start wondering where are the food “disappear “ to.

I remembered that day went to eat steamboat with keith’s friends, and actually failed at detect the scheme plotted by the lady boss…Putting out muah chee. While eating the muah chee, I find it nice, and eat and eat, then came to realize at the last moment that the muah chee could be the scheme harvested by the lady boss to stop me eat. AH~! This is because the muah chee, have the ability to expand in contact with water, and expand. Thereby, maying a person full easily. Ok, this time you win, but the next time……I will make sure I eat till you close down. Ha ha~!

Australian currency dropped

As I was passing through the money changer, I came across the Australian currency, and noted that it is now exchanged at AUD 1.16. I remembered it was AUD 1.28 some months ago, and the US is also dropped to USD1.44.
If I have multi millionm I would have invest on the currency now, and then wait till it rise, I would change it back. And therby, can make a profit. Haha

Kallang Shutter bus timetable

This is for those who are planning to go to Kallang leisure park. This is the time table for the shutter bus. hmm.... So I post it up, so that there is an insurance of the placement, and everyone who wish to go, can refer to it. Happy skating~!


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