Friday, September 05, 2008

Wireless Vs LAN medium

Wireless ASDL + Router

Today, I went to take a look at the Linksys N wireless ASDL. It really is very expensive de wo~! Over two hundred dollars~!

How come ar? Cos it got much more features that is available rather than the Wireless G router. Wireless N are the new series of the wireless adaptor available in the market. It have 4 times the wireless range, and it is really fast.
After given thought for a very long time, I think I really have to give up on buying a wireless router. This is because I still have the working router only think it have no wireless feature now. Think inside the spare parts for the wireless device is spoilt. But the LAN feature is still available, so I gotta connect a LAN cable to the router.

Wireless network storage

Having a wireless feature is really good, you get to do the surfing of the net all over the place. With the wireless storage from Linksys, you can store information in another device call the network storage drive.This network storage drive can communicate with the router, and can house 2 physical hard drive. And it is expandable to another 2 external hard drive with the USB port. This makes backup more convienent. Hmm… for the price of that, close to $250.

Wireless security Vs LAN security

For those who studies information technology, you would be familiar with the logic of why LAN are in fact, less vulnerable and higher speed than the wireless.
Firstly, LAN is a wire based network. It is connected from point A to point B. and hi jacking of networks is really impenetrable, because there is no other medium that can highjack the network.

As for wireless, it is an uncontrollable network. It can be captured by any wireless receiver, and hijacked. In the end, the network will slow to a crawl, if too many people shares the same network. For this, the router manufacturer come up with wireless security ability. They are the WAP encryption, and the MAC address filters. WAP encryption is the key that you need in order to establish access to the authorized network. It is near impenetrable, because it is a 128 bit data encryption. That means, you have to guess through hexadecimal code, which is a lot of probability chance.

MAC filters

Mac address filter is the secondary protocol, in the sense that the owner who established the network, configured a set of computers authorized to access the network. The router will then transmit data to the designated computer, and shares data with it. If there are other computers who tries to join, they will be denied access to the network, because it is predefined. Mac address is also a hexadecimal codes. If you are wondering where to locate the MAC address, look at the wireless devices. Every devices have their own identification and they are unique in each base.

As for me, I uses both security as a safe guard against the nighbours all over the place. Now the wireless device is down, It is even more secured now.
Another benefits of the wireless over the LAN, is because of the speed. LAN can transfer data at 100MBPS, but the wireless, because of all the encoding allocation for security, a typical wireless can only transmit at 10MBPS.


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