Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class

Today is quite a smooth day ahead, because everything is well organized, and planning is ongoing for tomorrow.

Anyway, a lot of stuff just came up, and as usual, I have to do all the daring work. One of the most headache stuff is the information error provided by two people, and I ended up doing extra steps. Why no one tell me that stupid light tube can shift in de. Feel like boxing the person.

Anyway, went to watch Wall E today~! Wow, it is really very amazing for both the storyline, and the creativity. I can see the effort put in by the film maker. The story is to teach the young generation how the world will be like, living in a canned vessel, wandering in space, while the earth is dying.

Wall E is an small robot called Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class. It’s main function is to compact the thrash into a cube, and arrange it. As to what is he mainly used for, is unknown, but it appears from the movie, that he have been running around for 700 years. He have a mind of his own, unlike other robot. Perhaps through some miraculous, he actually developed a mind of his own, and starts collecting some trash that he sees it nice. He also keep a lot of spares in his huge shelter, in case he needs them.

One day, an alien spacecraft landed, and deposited Eve, an advanced robot, to hunt for something. She deemed WallE as harmless, and came to know him. The one day, Wall E showed Eve something, and she went into hibernation, until the spaceship arrives to pick her up. Not wanting to lose her, Wall E chase after Eve to the mothership Axion.

Inside the Axion, there is a scheme plotted between the ship’s captain and the entire human kind. Eve was really touched (and it touched me too) when the computer displayed the security camera when Eve was in hibernation. It shows how caring and loving Wall E is doing to her while she is in hibernation. She fell in love with Wall E, and together with Wall E and the other defected robots, they made the mothership returned to earth.

Another touching thing is when Wall E dies while trying to save mankind, he signalled to Eve how to get his spare parts, and switches off. When the ship returned to earth, Eve immediately jetted back with Wall E, and find the spare parts and assembled him back. Sadly, when Wall E is repaired, he returned to his main robotic function, to compact trash and pile them up. And Eve was very sad, and tries many ways to make Wall E remembers her……

This is a love story of two robots, a mystery and also, a movie that encourages us that we should not be relying too much on the machines. In the end, the humans will be doing chatting, sleeping, eating and not exercising at all. Eventually the humans forgot how to stand and walk. It also tells us that we have to treasure plants. Else one day, the whole would will end up like the trash land. Nothing.


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