Sunday, September 07, 2008

Soil waste pipe opening Day.

I was just browsing through the photos, and came across one set of photos. This actually reminded me of the days when there is a serious water pipe choke in one of the place. It is really so choked that we cannot do rodding or flushing. We have to use the dismantling of the pipeline and clear it. As we opened up, as usual, there are a lot of leftover water in the pipeline. There are something that resemble sands, at the U-tube. This must be because someone wastes soil or something. Then later, the cockroach rush out of the pipe, rushing for the nearest shelter as their nest is disturbed.

At home, where it is lightly used, the pipe are made of PVC, a kind of plastic listed in thermoset category. In the industrial side, they uses cast iron metal pipe. This is because it is heavily used, and there will be soil waste choke often. Thus, rodding may something have to be used, to clear it, or by dismantling the pipeline.

The worst nightmare is the main sewer pipeline, where it have to be constant flowing. If the pipe is opened at the wrong time, all the SHITS really gush out of the pipe, and fell on the face and cloth.

As no one dares to open up and face the REAL shit, I have to open up, because it is a necessarily, and if it is not cleared, we will have a problem. Calling in the professional really cost a lot too, because they are the experts.

Saturday, September 11, 2004
What if GOD is one of Us?

Have you heard this song?
Hmm... when I heard it in Class 95 one day, I really have this question on my head.

More than 2000 years ago, the Son of God came down, without his Cloak of Glory to help man to deal with his sins. Many people are at that time, unrepent and listens to the high priest, who were themselves, misleaded away from God's commandment. It also created a great uproar, because the Son of God, performs many and unaccountable miracles, that the high priest thought their rice bowl are at risk.

Today, even though there is no news or any man who perform great miracle, he may be one among us...

If he is an ordinary man, like you and me, what would his world like? is it really like the song?
Maybe the singer is an angel herself, singing GOD's feeling out.
Is he now a temporary man, with noone calling him on his phone, going home alone?
What do you think?

Sometime, GOD, may goes to churchs, and looks at how the priest or pastor conducting the sermon, just like a manager, downrank himself to worker, so that he would know really how his company operates.
And when he put on the manager coat again, he will make many changes, and deals with those who are lazy and not performing to his best to keep the company going.

This song really make me a bit emotional, because the singer really sounds a bit sad, when she sings it.


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