Saturday, September 06, 2008


Mosquito bites

When I woke up today, my hands and legs are itchy over, and have the insect bite. When I check carefully, MOSQUITO BITE~!

How the mosquito come in wo? I think it is probably through the windows. This is since for a long time, that I had mosquito bite. As I read the Today paper, I read an article that there is this mosquito related disease widespread in the north of singspore. Mostly it is concentrate in Johor. I was so so so scared that I became one of the statistic.

I scratch and scratch, until I get the mopiko to ease the itch. Went to work and with the hands and legs itches all over.
Anyway, tomorrow probably will be busy day again, cos need to send the bicycle for repair.

The bearing is actually a bit worn out, but hmm…. No chance to change the rim, so can only think of changing the bearing.
And the stupid bicycle shop that charges $0.50 per use of the air pump is still really ridiculous. Been thinking of getting a pump, but cannot get the time out to go and buy.


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