Sunday, September 07, 2008

New rim

Change bearing become change the whole rim.

Actually, I planning to send the bicycle for replacing the bearing only. Then when the guy opened up the bearing side, I see the outer raceway was actually rusty and corroded. I instantly made a quick decision to change the entire rim, cos no use changing only the bearing. Moreover, the price difference is only out by $6. So might as well change the whole rim.

After changing the rim, the bicycle is smoother, and this time, I got a bell too. It was damaged by some CLOWN when the bicycle was parked at the MRT station. YUP. Have a great astonished feeling when I saw the bicycle was damaged by some CLOWN~! If I catch who is that, sure really go an whack him off. I could still remembered that I saw someone knocked my bicycle with his bicycle. My bicycle was locked, and when I was approaching it, another person just sped past, and hit my bicycle. In a fit of angry, I grabbed the nearest dustbin and throw it at him. Too bad for him, it missed him by few centimeter.

Anyway, now that the rim was changed, it really feel nice and smoother. As for the speed, it has of course, increased a bit. I have given thought about changing to a fullo suspension bicycle. Meaning there is suspension for bothe the back and front. But well, nowadays security at the MRT station is really lack on bicycle, cos a lot of people's bicycle were stolen, and for fear of the good appearance that will attract many green eyes, I think of not changing the bicycle yet.

Resident Eve

I was watching resident eve today, and I was wondering, it is really a great feat for the umbrella coporation to be able to build a city beneath the ground. Wow. So is it really possible, that we have a city underground at this age? As the land space is limited, a lt of country actually started digging underground. Kook at our Citylink. It is a shopping center underground too. Underground carpark are a norm, and how about a church auditorium 4 storey below like City Harvest Church? How deep can underground construction goes?


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