Sunday, September 14, 2008

Globaltronic 2008 by Reed Exhibition


This is an exhibition that happens only once every two years. It have free seminar, and exhibition that showcases many industrial automation devices, manufacturing devices. And too add to this time, there is embedded system.

Embedded system are actually used by everyone, every single person who owns an electronic devices, such as TV, radio, etc.

Embedded system have govern most of our lives, yet it is small that no one bother to sees it. They are the prime movers of the electronics, and sadly not many people knows what it is.

I was quite amazed that this time, even the cleanroom equipments are brought out to exhibit. Equipments that looks similar like lite master, the automated transportation device I see in one of the clean room manufacturing plant. It really brought me back to the memories where looking at it is very amazing.
In the exhibition, I also take an opportunity to check with the technical person at the fluke equipment, because I have some tools that uses the brand such as fluke. From there, I learned about how the aperture works, and how to get the most accurate reading from a laser thermometer. They even have an HVAC measuring instrument, that can accurately locate the dew point, and the RH reading after 3 minutes of recording.
Through the seminar, I learnt about how the traffic system are so integrated that if one day, someone were to really release skynet into the system, we would really have war between the human and the machine. And through the exhibition, I found out that now, we can even control building equipments by wireless means, instead of the usual RS 232 cabling system. Wireless is so cool, because no need to set up the wiring, but a pity that it is still expensive. One thing that seems to be lacking out, is the technology of solar system. I thought we are emphasizing on solar energy, but solar cell, as part of the silicone component, was not showcase here. Otherwise, I might think of putting one at home. And power up my muva lamp or lights. If air-conditioning can be powered by solar cell, HOO~!

Well, the next Globaltronic is in 2010, maybe, I will attend it again, depending on the future workplace.


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