Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Ai Otsuka~

Ai Otsuka

Today I finally found it. Ai Otsuka songs. Well only 12 of them, but still feeling happy about it. It is a pity that I did not add in the titles, so I do not know which song is which songs, otherwise, next time I can sing it in the KTV. Ha ha.

Ai Otsuka is actually hidden in my desktop. It was missing many years ago, but I did not realize that it is actually hidden in my PC. As you know, I always keeps many backup. Only a handful, was gone when the previous hard drive breaksdown. I din realize that Ai Otsuka songs are still in one of my hard drive, so happy. So now, I put it back to the music bank, and keep a copy as well, just in case.

Ai Otsuka is one of the songs, that I like to listen to when I am sad de. Her songs are cute, sweet and slow type, so can really learn quite a lot. But then, it have been over many years now, so wondering whether does she still sings in Japan wo. It is a real torture, to like someone and you cannot get a hold of it. Someone like Ayumi as well.

Hari Raya Puasa

Today is Hari Raya, so managed to get a time and stay at home. Quite nice to stay at home, cos away from crowds, watch movies and occasionally, can check into the internet. Was seeing some people are online, but seldom chat de.

Anyway, went to an old neighbour house to pay a visit, and was really shocked, because all the children have grown up, and I totally don’t recognize them at all. I really thought I was in the wrong house. But then, lucky they still recognize me, else really malu de lor.

The place have really changed a lot, quite fast building, there are also a lot of shelters added to it. But still it is the size of the room that is still smaller than the one I am living now.


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