Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pasta for dinner.


This is one meal I think it is nice nowadays. Yup. Cook with mussel, squid head and some mushroom. I loves mushroom. It is one type of fungus that is nutritious and full of fiber. Brown mushroom or straw mushroom. All thanks to one auntie who is although deaf and dumb, She teaches me the way to cook mushroom with patient and slow heat. From then on, I tried to experiment with different style of cooking mushroom, and yup, now I like to cook and eat mushroom.

Other than mushroom, I like mussels too, especially Black lip mussels. There are many type of mussels, and some of then includes blue mussels, green mussels. But the most I like is the black lip mussels, because they are more tender and tasty. To fit them to the paste is more tasty. Sometime, I just wish I could lay my feet in Australia, to gobble up all those mussels. Anyway, Baked mussels is the tactics that I first tried cooking on it. It is half shell, laid with cheeses, and added some seasonings, and yup, baked cheese mussels.

Pasta with these, makes a very nice pasta, and consider a self cook, it can be very huge in the ingredient and also know what is used in cooking.

China Milk

These days, it have been a huge panic and debut about milk from china. It is because there are some people adding this melamine, a type of chemical that is used in plastic, to the drinking milk, and contaminate it. They normally do so as a practice to make the milk looks more protein. However, the chemical tends to stay in the kidney, thereby, damage the kidney and develop the kidney stones.

Many babies who are drinking on milk, got the kidney stone easily, because they are still small, and the kidney are small and got stuck with the melamine. Anyway, it is discovered that the first baby who contacted it, was actually happened in February, and it was until mid august after the Olympic, then the news of the milk surfaced. And to make it worse, it is one of the main sponsor for the Olympic.

Anyway, a lot of countries are testing on various products, to ensure our food is safe to eat. Well. Thanks wo. Just hope that KFC is not one of them, else, I would really dunno what to eat wo. Yum yum chicken.


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