Saturday, October 11, 2008

Waraku Steamboat


Last week, there is an accident happen, and the power is actually cut off for us, because of the power is unable to be transmitted down from the switch room. Thus, we have to move in a generator, and this generators are one hungry machine for diesel. At first, the supplier of the generator claims that the generator can supply for three days on a full tank, but by the afternoon the next day, the tank is almost empty. We have to quickly go and buy diesel, and to top it up, with human labor. When the manager asked who will be in charge of looking after the generator, no one actually came forward. Thus, I get to be the look out for the generator, and ensure it doesn’t stop. Else, we will have another problem starting up.

This is so absurd that the generator supplied, does not have a working fuel gauge. Thus, have to rely on the sight glass to gauge the amount of fuel on the generator. The most stupid thing is even with the sight glass, the level is hard to see, cos the rust of the tank is in the sight glass, and making it near impossible to see the level of the fuel. And thankfully, one of the guys suggested a very ancient, but not commonly practiced way of finding and confirm the level, that is by using a dip stick. Duh, with a high level of education, no one actually thought of the primitive way. And also, it is a sure waty to find the type of fuel. Ths is because on the generator itself, it indicate that it uses petrol oil. Hmm….

Anyway, a lot of hard work is spent into repairing the damaged powerline, and divertion, so that a permanent way can be found.

IT is quite a relief that the generator is now gone, because it really is hard pouring the diesel into the tank.

Oil Man

Yup, that is one of the person calling me, cos the shirt is spilled with diesel, and it is hard to wash with water. So wherever I goes to, the smell of diesel follows me. But when the time is up, someone have to carry that 200L barrel of diesel and fill up the tank. For me, I can carry 100KG, so have to find another person who can carry 100KG to make the barrel of diesel goes to the tank. It is only after the generator is collected back, we found out, there is actually a pump beside the generator engine, that pump the diesel into the tank. Duh. Why no one open it up before wo.

Waraku Steamboat

Today went to this waraku to eat, and since I have this $50 voucher that I won in a draw some days back, I went to eat the most expensive item there. Crab steamboat. It cost at $48, and it is some crab claws, and veggies. And a steamboat. Quite nice to eat, and the meat is fresh, firm and salty, like the ocean catch on spot. And to top up to is, also get garlic fried rice. The Garlic is crisp, and taste is good.

Bicycle damaged

Few days ago, as I was cycling, and was cycling when one of the drain cover that I cycle on it, collapsed, and the back wheel hit the floor, and fell off, it is a very stupid because the cover can sink in the drain, and upon examination, the back wheel was bent and became uneven. This is a very disappointing stuff. Why does the drain cover, which is suppose to let people walk on it, sink down wo? Made me fell and have to went to the bicycle shop to have a check. The repair may take some time, because the whole wheel is dent, and requires some time to repair it. But still, without the bicycle, I will be very unhappy walking everyday then.


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