Sunday, October 05, 2008

Dinner and bowling in E! hub

E! hub

Yesterday went to this place calls the E! hub. It is located in Pasir ris, and a bus away. Went there for dinner and bowling, and well, it is very huge, but most of the floors are charter for the small kids. And to get to know that the bowling center opens till 0500 on Saturdays and Sundays. So hee hee, next time got for the chalet there, can play bowling till night le.

Hmm… was using the house ball, and finds it hard to throw. But the lanes are good, probably it is because it is from the Qubica bah. Anyway, plays until the finger nail broke, because the stupid ball doesn’t fits me. Then have to throw a straight ball for the rest of the games, which is not shiok de. Got a lousy mark also.

Anyway, E! hub have this giant ferry wheel, and also a cinema, arcade and a huge space for the kids to play in. People living in pasir ris must be quite lucky to have this.

Peter and Steven Agency

Who knows where is this agency now? It is an agency in International plaza selling locks. Which is 2 years ago. And their locks are lifetime warranty. So if there is a fault, you can call them, and they will come and repair or replace the lock free of charge. But yesterday, I was trying to look for this agency, but it cannot be found anymore in the international plaza, and also cannot find in the yellowpages and greenbooks.

So what use is a lifetime warranty when the agency went missing, and we are stucked with a door that cannot lock.

Luckily I know how to dismantle the locks, cos we were trapped inside the house when the door refuses to open. Like something was broken inside. Used a big drill, and a hammer to dismantle the lock into tiny pieces. Then we are safe. And thankfully, I also have a spare abloy lock, to lock up the gate even without the normal door lock.

I did not realized until yesterday that deadbolt locks are very expensive. For a better quality lock, it cost around $200 for one piece, and goes to over thousand for a lock that is very secure and cannot be picked easily. But one thing for sure, if there is a need for a lock that cost over a thousand, the door must be very safe. It must cost a lot also, else even a million dollar lock can fail if the door can be brought down with an axe.


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