Friday, October 03, 2008

Urgent, Last Minutes

Urgent jobs

How many time have you heard of this at work. Why do people always gives a last minute job, and labeled it urgent, and it is something big and requires time. This is a big disruptive to people’s planning for the entire day.

If jobs can be planned, and gives an advance notice, it can be move on smoothly. Just yesterday, there is a call to say there is an urgent job to be complete by Saturday. And to add to it, there are other repairs going on, and this requires time and manpower is below optimum level. Which is in simple English, shortage. Yet, it is to cover up a huge area flooring, adding lights to a totally empty room without any electrical protection, and no supportive equipment. A person who requires perfection doing a rag job.

Even before it is completed, another team came and notify of erection of power supply, which is due by 2300 hours with only 5 hours. Waters are burst on the other side, and pump faulty on the far end, with people mobilized to repair it. Heart attack wo.

Sometime, I am thinking, are we losing control? Is the job controlling us now, whereas we should be controlling the work? Hate last minute notice……especially every Friday.

If top level were able to work together, will it be better for the one below? As the saying goes, if the top is shaky, the bottom will be crooked.

So totally angry. Luckily, found Ai Otsuka at just the day before. Else, will be drinking and sleeping early.

Thank you Jesus.


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