Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tragedy in IMS Exam

What can I say wo,

First, was very confident, then later the mind just went blank, and a lot of things don’t know what to do. WHY IS THAT WO.

Feels very disappointed in myself.

How is it that I got my mind went black all out of a sudden, and couldn’t remember those formula one?

There are a total of 6 questions, two of them are something that I never seen before, and one is so filled with formula, and don’t actually know how to start with.

Like one question, is suppose to multiply by 36, but I uses 20 to multiply, and this, the difference is so much, it affects the entire question that I might get a zero for that. And upon broad estimation, there is a low range of possibility I may fail. This is so scary~!

Is it stress? Or something else that hinder me? Maybe tired? Hmm… Anyway, Gotta look at one bright side of it. GET OUT IMS~! Heehee. IMS is the subject for this exam, by the way.

I am very puzzled of two other questions, because I rarely sees it, and never thought it would come out in the exam. But it DID~! And those short question that I memorized so well that I can read it backward, NEVER COME OUT~! Why wo?

Guess it would be a very gloomy bad start for me this term. Feels very disappointed. But still, life’s gonna move on.

Like a soldier......badly whacked. Must stand up.


Yippy, this game is finally out. Red Alert 3. It is a series of the command and conquer, released by electronic arts. It is one of the game that I so engross in it, because it is about command an army and conquer the land. This will be out on the 27th Oct. The only thing I am not happy is why they need to include the keyboard wo? It made it so expensive, and $217 for CD, keyboard and the bag. I actually only want the game, but they don’t sell it separately before the release. So gotta wait probably 2 months later.

I was looking into the requirement and I was wondering whether is my PC able to support this game. This is because it is asking for higher graphic card. As for me, I am still using the AGP instead of the PCI express, so think one day I gotta upgrade and change the whole unit again. But I doubt, cos I have invested quite a lot for it. Don’t think I am going to upgrade the PC anytime soon.

Fancl HTC collagen

How many people actually take note of this health supplement by fancl? I was reading up on it recently, because I have this rashes and wants to get rid of it fast, so was looking at collagen supplement, because it is a type of collagen proteins helps in repairing the skin fast. Hmm…. Does it really work?


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