Thursday, October 16, 2008

Skin recovering.

Shed new skins

Thursday, Today, the skins are finally recovered from the burns, and starts peeling off. This is such a good relief, cos the black marks are really very ugly. Like the snake skin, it peels off now, and gets itchy all over. Skin is turning white again.

I was reading a bit of how to get the skin back, and found out, skin repair can be done faster if there is sufficient amount of collegian. Maybe can try this fancl collegian if I can.

Central at Clarke Quay.

I went to central yesterday, and seems that it is awfully quiet on the weekdays. And hmm…. Dun mind me, it seems the atrium is split into two or three session, where it is sometime difficult to navigate within the building without the sign. And some of the restaurants are really very like alienated in one small little corner and nothing attracts one. The only good thing is that some units are let out, and put cushion chairs in it, and let people to rest or get together. And one innovative ways is that in an open space, the fan coil units, do not have ducting one. They only have return filter and on the other side, there is no ducting one. I think it really saves a lot in washing it. Cos sometime, to wash this stuff, have to remove the ducting one.

Sanyo charger

I have finally finished up one pair of battery energy, and found out the charger can’t seems to recharge my batteries. Dunno what happen, but the battery is very hot after laying there fore 8 hours. Anyway, emailed to the sanyo today, and check out what is the next step.

New tech discovered

I just discovered one stuff that the Nokia N81 have, and I didn’t realized all the time. It is the ability to use a normal headphone jack for it. I thought it uses those mini headphone jack, and just recently, I tried using the headphone jack on it, found that it fits. Wow. So now, I have absolutely no reason to get a Mp3 player now. Cos It have the functions of the Mp3 player.

Tiberium War in E2Max

I was just curious of how it feels to play tiberium in the cyber café, and tried it out tday for one hour.

It is really the fast one. The sound maybe it a bit low, cos the people who is besides me is playing counter strike. And the speed is fast. I can finish 4 missions in 1 hour. Wow. Anyway, I feels it is better effect playing at home, but can’t seems to wonder why my PC is still slower than the one in the arcade. Aiyah, forgot to check the configuration of the PC there when I got the chance.


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