Sunday, October 26, 2008

Power distribution device

Power modification

As some of my friend know, I have been modifying the power supply in my home, because sometime, it really can get me on my nerves, that switching on switches one by one, is very tedious.

Imagine the days, when you have to switch on 4 switches, because you need to switch on the laptop, the laptop fan, the wireless router, and the ADSL modem. Then the last thing, the power button for the laptop.

Everyday, it is the same thing, when one day, I recovered a box, which I uses in my workplace last time.

This is a box, which I made myself for my office table, to control the lights, fan, powerpoint on my desk. It is later removed, because people claim that my gizmo is causing the power trip in the office. In fit of anger, I took it out to stop the accusation. I took it out and check the circuit one by one, and still cannot find any problem with it. Well, the short circuit in the office is proven wrong, because even after the box is removed, there is still short circuit in the office. But with the box gone, no one can push anymore blame. 

When it is home, I take one whole day, to remodify the circuit, to control the powerline in my home. It also have indication, to show which device is active. Now, this box is used to control most of the PC related equipment. So it also saves the electric, when it is not in use.

As you see, there are 8 buttons, 4 red, 4 green. Red shows that it is in the off position. And the green shows that it is in use.

The first set controls the sound system of the desktop. So when there is no need for sound, this is switched off. It is used to power up a booster also, which is constantly setted to high volume. It also controls the power supply for the external DVD drive, Scanner, Printer, and external backup device. These except the sound system, is usually off when it is not in use. While the sound system will be switch on when this set is switched on.

The second set controls the desktop PC. As we normally needs to switch on 2 switches, this is made easy by having only to push one button.

The third set controls the laptop pc, ADSL modem, the wireless router and the laptop cooling fan. So instead of switch on 4 switches, I only need to push one button.

The fourth is a spare unit.

I normally dun like the switches, cos sometime, it can create arcing if there is carbon on the contact, or the spring fails. So instead of using switches, I uses control relay to do the job, in an environment inside the plastic case of the relay. So even if it blows, there is still the metal casing protecting the user.

This box, is controlled by a contactor, which is not shown. Draws power from the miniature circuit breaker, which is setted to a low setting. If the current drawn is too high, it would just cut off the power. The contactor is a second device, that controls the switching of the power inside the box. It serves as a function of switching on and off as a master contactor, so that when the power is tripped, the contactor immediately cut off the power without and arcing inside the circuit. As a standby expansion, the contactor can allows the box to be control by another holding circuit, which is still waiting for upgrading.

Fancl HTC tense up

I am trying this product called fancl HTC collagen drink. It is to improve the inner skin and to assist me in repairing the skin recovery faster. This is because of the rashes that happens some week ago. Currenly, it is fully recovered, but I am still left with some bottles left.

The collagen drink are quite tasty also. I think this is quite good, but the price is a bit high wo.

Bowling in East coast

Recently, I went to bowling with some friends, and came to realize that my scores dropped, even when I am using my own ball. Looks like need more practice for me. I think bowling is quite tiring sometime, because it requires the orientation of all the body parts, from the eye to the toe. Any wrong move, and the ball can swing out of control.

So far, I am still in 5 step rule, which is quite disorientated. Hmm… anyway, I am glad I still hit over 100. as the last line score of 101.


As the last line says, it is N. the N stands for Navigator. Navigator is the name used in the bowling lane. This is because it is hard to spell, and rarely people would uses it. But still, it would even weird, if it is ORCarrier, cos no one knows how to pronounce it.


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