Monday, November 10, 2008

31st October 2008, Friday


I am in Adelaide now, in Australia. Wow, it is very cold here, around 5degree. Burrrr.

Anyway, from the window of the plane, I can see that it is quite nice wo. A lot and lot of low rise houses. And the land is very huge. After touching down, I went to explore the bus service, since I am few hours early.

Yup, I am taking a leave of 1month, to get away from the fast racing lifestyle, and enjoy life in Australia.

It have been 4 years, since I last took a long holiday out to another country, and this is a very good opportunity to relax my busy lifestyle, and charge up the mood.
I think Australia is quite a very good country. Everyone is moving at a relax speed, and is progressing in their public transport. Many people are owning a cars, and it is very cheap, that even at a price of $8000, you can own a good car.

Wine in Adelaide is quite famous, and cheap. I can see that. Cos everyone is drinking at every meal, and to the locals, drinking wine is like drinking water. Feels like the place a lot. It is a place for meat lovers, such as me. Yum yum, lotta cheap meat around in supermarket. And yup, the numbers of processed food is also largely in stock in the freezer.

I am staying in the suburb of the Adelaide, instead of in the city. This is because suburb hotels are very quiet, and isolated. Such condition are for those who enjoys peaceful life without much noise.

Adelaide people also loves horse viewing wo. In any pub, you can see introduction of horses and the racing.

Well today just to stock up the food, check in the hotel, and just walk around the surround, and see how to settle for the food for the next few weeks here.

Since this round, I couldn't bring teddy along, haha, I brought Mr Xiao lao shu to the trip this round. yup~! it could be more happy if there is a Mr Xiao lao shu to go with, so that I would not feel bored in the middle of the night. but came to think of it, usually, in the early of the ngiht, I would feel sleepy liao.

In AUSTRALIA, I was able to get to buy something that I have always wanted and never get the chance to eat and chew it. That will be........A WHIOLE TURKEY DRUMSTICK~! and it is really cheap here, and tasty~! get the chance to eat and chew it. Lovely~! yum yum. If I have the chance, I would love to eat it and cook it nice nice. but back there, only chicken drumstick. small small chicken drumstick. and somewhat expensive too.


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