Thursday, November 13, 2008

2nd November 2008 Sunday

Weswick train station

I woke up early today, probably it is because it is windy and cooling today. It was raining last night, and thus, t is cooling de lor. As I failed to get the ticket for the Overland Interstate railway, I rushes today to the South Adelaide Terminal again. And this time, I made no mistake. I take the Adelaide metro train. To the weswick station. It is opened today. Thank GOD. I enquire about the price, and bought the ticket on the spot.


The overland is a interstate train that travel from Adelaide to Melbourne by rail. Yup. And there is a train that goes to Perth too. After getting the ticket, I went back to the Keswick station, and found that there is some time when the train doesn’t stop at certain station. Duh.

Adelaide Festival Center

Made my way to the Adelaide festival theatre, and a park, so huge. It is between the Adelaide Festival theatre and the Adelaide Oval. There is this city of Adelaide fountain, that is so huge, specially dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II on the year 1954. This is for her historical visit to adelaide. and thus, it is made a huge city.

Along the lake, I board a small little boat, which have a very cute name, called popeye. haha, that means the sailor id a popeye? this small little boat is to transport people from the adelaide fountain, to the entrance of the Adelaide Zoo. Dunno how it looks like wo.

As I sit on the boat, just realised even Adelaide have their own university, called University of Adelaide. hmm..... Why din I go there last time? heehee. Seriously, if I were 4 years younger, I should have go and pick up the australia university to study in, and get a degree, or perhaps even a master. Duh~

Drinking fountain

Somewhere close, there is a drinking fountain. I thought it is for drinking, but there is a sign that made me choose otherwise, because it looks rusty. Then, I realise that it is specially dedicated to one fireman, who died while fighting a huge fire. There plaque says:

This drinking fountain commenorates the heroism of fireman John Gardner who died whilst fighting a fire of large dimensions in rundle street near james place on christmas eve, 1886.

Erected by public subscription 1887

He must have done a great sacrifice, that made him quite well known among the whole public there.

Prepaid card

Taking my time, to go the the Rundle station by tram. It is so cool, cos it is free for a period of time. So I board on it, and went to rundle street market, where I bought a prepaid card. This prepaid card is something like a stored value card, and it have maximum amount to keep in the card. It is more cheaper and more manageable than the sim card that I am using. This is because it is more invisible and can see the amount in the card.

Adelaide Oval

Adelaide oval, is a stadium seems to be historical one. Very huge, and seems to have some monument dedicated to fireman, sportsman. There is a rose garden too, specially made request by a person,for a lady. This is so sweet.

Adelaide Oval is like the Singapore National stadium. a huge stadium to house a lot of people in it.

Adelaide Chinatown

I later took a walk down to grote street. Along the grote street, I discovered a place called Chinatown. It is a small little section, containing all the Chinese people and restaurant there. It is quite nice, and feels at home. I think this must be the same for all Chinese. I was browsing through the long streets filled with Chinese, Indian, Agentina restaurant.

Lastly, I stopped at one place.

East Taste Café.
It is located at 119 Gouger Street,
Tel (08) 82310268.

It is a small little Café, but it sells the most amount of Chinese food there. What attracts me is the Kangaroo meat they offer. And the Waitress offers the signature dish Pepper and salt live oyster. Ordered a half dozen, and it is quite tasty. Also come anong is some other dish. The Chinese tea it offers is also very thick, which is nice. Have a taste of the Fried rice. Well, dunno is it because of the long time no taste for rice, I have two portion of the fried rice. And as I ate too much, I have quite a shock when I discovered it cost $67. Hmm…. Since I ordered 8 dishes, I think this is quite economical. How come I ordered this much, it is because I have not have lunch too, and my only breakfast is two slice of bread and peanut butter. Yum yum.

As the evening draws near, it become colder and colder, that it become 12 degree again. It is not the cold weather, but the cold rush of wind. Burrr….
It becomes dark, and I took a bus back to the hotel. I noted that there are a lot of Australian bidding farewell to the bus driver when they alight. When will we have this form of gesture shown in Sg? Quite encouraging for the bus driver one.

Imagine you would do that in singapore, I could only think of one immediate respond......You know what is that? haha, not good to say wo.


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