Tuesday, November 11, 2008

1st November 2008, Saturday

Yup, today is quite a cold day. I have a very angry day, cos of this taxi driver, who is not knowledgeable about the opening time of a station, bring us t a place, called South Adelaide Railway Terminal. It is a central interstate station, connecting the rest of the Australia via long haul train journey.

When I reached the train station which is the amount of $12, the main entrance is closed. And I am in a hurry need of getting the ticket for the overland, and have to wait for more than 1 hour for the train station to open. As I do not wish to waste my time waiting for the counter to open, I gotta go back to the city, and start to continue my journey. and the most stupid thing is that within 400 meter, there is absolutely no transportation. only have to call a cab, and since I just touched down, there is not a single clue of what is the cab number. If I were back then, I know of one cab number 1800 552 2222. I went to the North Adelaide, which is approximate 2 KM from the city, and check out the new hotel that I will be going to. Along the way, I noticed more pubs around and there are a lot of people sitting down, partying all day long. This is a very nice place wo. Found the Adelaide Zoo around there too. Well, the next place that I will be staying in is the lodge, very ulu one. hope the security is good there. looks very dark dark one.

Lastly, I took the tram. Which is quite nice, to go from one station to another, as an enjoyment. It pass by the Adelaide Convection center too. It is very very quiet, since there is nothing to display today. Probably because it is a Saturday.

Oh yeah, bought a drumstick. TURKEY DRUMSTICK. Yum yum, the taste is superb. Why don’t they sell turkey drumstick in SG wo? I would love Australia more.

On the journey back, found a KFC, at bus stop 14. Dunno how is the KFC taste like. Probably will visit one day and check it out.

If there is any KFC lover such as me trying to search for KFC, or for my future info, Remember, take the 224 or 225 from the King William Street, right outside the Adelaide Railway station or the Adelaide Metro information center. Stop at bus number 14. And right where the bus stop, there is a KFC right in front. So totally cool~!

And if there is any donut king lover, check out the donut king at bus stop number 17 on the same bus too~! Yum yum. It will stop by a place, where there is this shopping center, selling donut king.


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