Sunday, November 23, 2008

Heavy rain lashes Victoria

AAP November 23, 2008 08:01am

HEAVY overnight rain has heightened flood warnings in Victoria's south-east as swollen rivers continue to rise.
More than 100mm of rain has been dumped in some areas of Gippsland in the last 24 hours and buffeting winds have brought down trees across Melbourne.

The State Emergency Service (SES) is on standby and community meetings have been held in Newry, Lakes Entrance and Orbost to update concerned residents.

SES spokesman Justin Murray said the Buchan, Snowy and Mitchell Rivers were rising with the threat of minor to moderate flooding later today as the rain continues to fall.

The Latrobe River at Traralgon and the Tanjil River near Moe were also rising.

"There remains a chance of flooding, the chance of that has reduced from what we were looking at on Friday but we are still urging people to be vigilant and keep a watch out and listen to local radio for updates," Mr Murray said.

Sixteen SES units comprising about 20 volunteers are on standby in Gippsland.

The SES has responded to 284 calls for help across the state in the last 24 hours, mostly for fallen trees on buildings, cars and roads.

Some 212 calls were from within metropolitan Melbourne, where winds gusted at more than 70km an hour in some areas.

Mr Murray said the damage so far had only been minor but authorities remained on alert.

"It's been relatively quiet around the state, no incidents of major significance," he said.


Luckily, I am back liao. hey, the rain is really very bad when I was returning. hmm...Some airplane were re-timed, and we have to wait in the airplane until rain clear, then quickly a lot of plane take off and landing together. Got some stumbling, but once made it out, saw a lot of dark clouds covering the city and a very huge land mass.

Storm is really hard, and there is hail storm too. Wow, was walking when suddenly feel a lot of hit on the head, then realise it is ice. KeeKee.

Thank GOD I am back just on time. :)


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