Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gales coming to melbourne~

Gales coming for southeast
By Jessica Trevena
November 21, 2008 20:36

Extremely cold air is moving north from the Southern Ocean, colliding with warm, humid air over VIC and spinning up a deep low.

The low will bring gales to much of the southeast this weekend, with coastal and higher parts of VIC and TAS already experiencing gusts in excess of 80km/h.

The low is continuing to intensify with wind gusts well in excess of 100km/h likely over the alpine regions of TAS, VIC and NSW tonight.

Even about low ground, gusts of 100km/h are likely for coastal regions of eastern VIC, with storm force winds - averaging close to 90km/h - possible.

A Severe Weather Warning is already current for most of VIC and for southeast parts of NSW.

The period of strongest winds for southeastern VIC, including Melbourne, is likely to be during Saturday, before the low drifts very slowly northeast. Southeast NSW will then feel the brunt of the winds with gusts over 90km/h likely as far north as Sydney on Sunday.

Winds won't ease significantly until Monday, when the low moves away over the Tasman Sea.

Wow, If can stop the plane from flying for a month, It would be great. Can extend another month. KeeKee


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