Monday, November 17, 2008

Internet Cutoff.

Hi Mate,

I am moving to new city, Melbourne.

There is a huge and powererful storm coming to Adelaide. As it is reported by the news today. thus, I am moving to another city, Melbourne.

Thank GOD for the good timing, and his blessing for my safe trip everywhere.

Anyway, it was reported to be a decade's worst thunderstorm, that ripped South East of Queensland, and heading for Adelaide.

Really enjoyed my time here, but the storm really cut short my trip in Adelaide. Anyway, I hope there is great stuff in Melbourne.

Oysters? haha, having it everyday. Yum Yum.

Let's keep the finger cross the storm doesn't get to Melbourne.

Yup, I am going to be disconnected from the cyberspace. So probably no updates till the end of the week.

See Ya Later.


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