Sunday, November 23, 2008

4th November 2008, Tuesday

How Australia Socket looks like. Hmm… This has been puzzling me for many months before I set off for Australia. Well, Since last Friday, the mystery has been found. It is not the same as the one who we use in Singapore. Rather, it is three pin, but the live and neutral connection is tilted at 45 degree. Rather than the Singapore plug. And the earth, is of course, the optional. The wire are also coming out of the wall socket at an angle as well, rather than the Singapore one which is coming out from the bottom.

Water heater

In Australia, water heaters are a common sight. Rather than Singapore, water heater is essential for the people here. And they are usually in huge tank one. Like more than 150 liters water tank. Solar panels are also a common sight. Of course, I did tried to use the water purely cold, but it is really very very cold. Thus, mixing the water with hot water is a must. Unless you are in the public beach. But we will get back to there later.

Went to the city today, and to do some posting. And just today, I found the first coffee bar. It is called the Bean Bar. Wow, it is really rare to find a coffee bar in Adelaide. Probably they are hiding from me. But rather, I never see a starbuck here. Anyway, I got my own coffee powder, so can have it every morning to charge up.
The post office is a rather historical building, with a huge clock on top of the post office. Hmm…. Quite classic. The only famous clock tower we have at home, are the Victoria concert hall and the Lau Pat Sat.

Victoria Center.

Queen Victoria, is England queen in a very long time ago, who rules England. As Australia is part of the British empire, Queen Victoria paid a visit to Australia many years back. The public later named a stree Victoria Square. And in the center of the street, is a very noticeable water fountain in the middle of the Victoria square.

Sent a few stuff back, since they are not useful for the period, as a lot of winter wear are not necessary. It is still cold today. Burrr….. what was it that they said it is summer? How come still so cold de wo. Feelslike 15 degree today.


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