Sunday, November 23, 2008

6th November 2008, Thursday

Cheap cheap $7.99 lunch

I found this shop selling cheap cheap dish, selling 3 piece choose your own dish, and it is just $7.99.

Yum yum. It is very good, and the portion is huge. Gobbled them all up for lunch. And then went to the next stop.

Adelaide Aquatic Center

Yup it is shold be called swimming pool, but it have a lot of water related sports here wo.

For just less than $7, I went in, and found there is a lot of things like Diving board of up to 10 meters, 2 swimming pool, specially for swimmers who swim laps. They even separate the speed of swimming, such as slow, medium and fast lap swimmer.
There is a heated pool for the kids, 2 Spa pools, one Sauna room, one steam room. For less than $7, it is quite worthwhile to play the whole day.

Cannot take photo inside, cos may seems awkward. So too bad.

What to eat?

After swimming, I was thinking, what t eat, and then, thought of one place that I passes by, KFC. How does KFC in Adelaide taste like wo
Went to take buss number 222, and stop at stop number 14.
It is a pity, I cannot get to eat the crispy, because they only have original chicken. No crispy. Then there is crispy strips, but it is hmm….


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