Sunday, November 23, 2008

7th November 2008, Friday


The prime of the Adelaide’s night life. There are more people coming out to drink and make merry. I also join in, by walking among them. Well, there are some drunk, who shouts, but people just let them by.

Went to eat steamboat today. It is quite expensive than Sg, but well, at least I got to try it out. It is a restaurant run by Chinese, and it is the hot and spicy type.
As usual, I eat quite a lot today, and yum, really made the food going down worth while. And haha, accidentally destroyed one of the soup scoop. I guess the kitchen will have hard time cleaning one of those.


I was walking and noticed that there is a chocolate shop nearby called Haigh’s. The chocolates looks really tempting, because it looks very delicious. I grabbed a packet of those teddy bear. Cos it looks so cute. And it really reminds me of my teddy. Who is resting at home, while Mr Xiao Lao Shu is very luckily walking around with me. Well, too bad, cannot bring teddy, cos he is a bit fat, and might hinder me from carrying more things back to Sg. And well, now that I mentioned of it, I really have hard time sleeping at night sometime, cos no teddy to sleep with. My poor little white polar bear.

Before going back, I noticed of the Christmas decoration on the train platform. It looks like Adelaide have started preparing for the Christmas preparation.
Train waiting is really a tiring stuff, because the night trains are 1 hour. Once you missed the train, that’s it, you gotta start waiting for 1 hour. I reached the train station at 2155, and the train have left at 2150. Thus, I gotta wait for the next train, that leaves at 2250. Duh. And waiting for the train is very boring, cos you got nothing much to do except looking at the large LCD tv there featuring the tennis sports there.


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