Monday, November 24, 2008

10th November 2008, Monday


Well, It is a Monday blues, and I certainly sleep late. Probably because it is very tiring day yesterday, and all the food, is empty again. Where are those food that I ate yesterday night went to??

Went to the Grenelg beach, for the third time. I really love the beach. And this time I go there for a swim. Burrr…. It certainly is cold. After a dip in the water, I realized how much Australian loves Singapore beach. This is because the water is really chilling, and strangely, there are some people swimming inside. As I went in, the water is warm on the surface, but beneath the surface, the water is chilling cold. After swimming, I went to the Grenelg jetty, to look at the people do the fishing. Wow, saw this old lady, who was fishing, but she caught some squid.

The poor squid was spilling the ink, and shooting, until it is emptied, and then slowly died. When I ask the old lady, she said she uses the fished out squid as a bait for the fish. You know, Squid are actually glass colour, but it changes white when it died. There is one squid, which emits green neon colour on the eye and the tail. Amazing. And it is breathing still.

Sunset on the horizon

After that, Stayed on the beach, from 1930 to watch the sun setting. Well, sun sets are very beautiful, and it is a totally different scene in Adelaide, Grenelg beach. This is because, in Singapore, we cannot get to see the full beauty of sunsets, because there are ships, and Indonesia island, blocking the view, and the Malaysia state too. But in Australia, it is a full horizon. The total horizon line, when the sun set down, You can see the line, and the colour that it reflects to the cloud. And behind, you can see the city slowly turn dark. From here, I found out that Australia is now actually tilted more to the sun, meaning that the south pole is 24 hour day time. And Australia is experience longer day time than night time, where the sun set at 2030, and rises at 0500. Hmm…. That is why, I stayed for a long time, and din get to see the sun fully set.

1 hour mental torture

When I reached the train station through the tram, I was very sad, this is because I reached the train station at 2155, and the train have left at 2150. I missed it by 5 minutes, and there it goes, I have to wait till the next train, which starts at 2250. Oh no~! I am really stuck in Adelaide Railway, cos I was in the platform, and there is no way out of the station. Duh. I sit at the chair, and there is this giant screen, showing……Tennis. Duh. Why not a movie channel wo? Was watching the tennis till very sianz, and then, the train come, and I waited for a long time in the train. Now I know, the people here carries book whever they go, so that once they missed the train or in the journey, they can read it.

I really hate waiting......

When I reached the hotel, it is already very later, so just doze off.


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