Monday, November 24, 2008

9th November 2008, Sunday

Temptation Sailing

This is a dolphin agency, called Temptation sailing. They are actually a group of well love for Dolphin, and keen on bringing people to go to the sea, and introduce people to the dolphin sailing.

One of the fault in estimation, is the temperature of the sea water on point of arrival.

Anyway, woke up very early today, to go to Grenelg beach, for the second time. This time I go there, to find this place, called temptation sailing boat. It is not difficult to locate, because the sailing boat is just too distinctive.

I have to wake up early in the morning, because the boat starts at 0900. So gotta rush down to the beach by cab. Cost around $25 for the cab.

Once I reached there, I go for a good meal of breakfast at the Mc Donald to charge up. The cost of getting on the boat, is around $57, and for $40 more, you can get to go into the sea to swim too. This is where the mistake lies. Forgot to realize that the temperature is very cold wo. Went on board, and it took quite a long time for the boat to go out to the sea. But anyway, it is a 3.5 hour boat ride, and the dolphins are cute, a lot of people sure have the urge to touch them. But they are wild dolphins, and it is not advisable to touch them. This is because if touch one of the dolphn, he may signal the rest of the dolphin to get away, and no dolphin left.

I would recommend that people who try this, better stay on board, and watch the dolphins. It is more easy this way. I went into the water, and was almost freeze to death wo. Burrr…. And also, once in the water, have a hard time trying to balance myself in the water. Cos it is deep sea, and have to orientate the whole body with a rope in between. It is a rough wave too, so it is extrememly difficult. With no foothold too. Haih.


Managed to catch a glimpse of some dolphins. They just swim fast, and swim away.
After the dolphin watching, we went back, and it is the prime enjoy. Oysters~! From this shop called oyster shop. Oyster shop is a very famous shop ther,e because the oysters are own farm breed, and they get the oysters to the shop within 48 hours of harvest. If I did not get that wrong. Hee hee. Water is sure chilling in November.
Got this 18 pieces of oysters. And it is very nice This is how it goes. It have 6 Natural , 6 kilpatrick, and 6 friend oysters. I still prefers the natural, which is raw oysters. And it have this smell, that is very nice to the mouth.

After that, It is the seafood baskets. With 4 fish, white fish, some prawns, and fries. Totally lose to the fries. It looks like such a huge packet being dumped in. Anyway, chips are the one that always fills the stomach fast one. Didn’t managed to finish up the fries. Pity.

Camel ride

During a slow walk back to the beach, I saw this guy, with two camels, and a pony. It is a pony ride, so cute. But too bad adults cannot ride on it. Instead, went for the camel ride. It is so fun wo, The camel walk slow, and turn one round. This is for $5 per trip. Although it is a slow walk, and a short distance, hee hee, hope it can go to the beach too. But cannot, cos the camels are not toilet trained, and they really make dropping along the path.

When I got to the tram station, I saw this tram, which is very old, then found out that this tram only come out in the weekend. So I take a few shot with it, and then, in the tram too. There is this cute guy, giving a surprise look, very funny wo. 

After that, made a trip to one place. Port Adelaide. Wow, I sometime wonder where I got the energy from. Maybe from the oysters?

Port Adelaide

Along the way to the Port Adelaide, I passes by this shop called The Cheesecake shop. I love cheesecake too, cos they are nice. So I went in, and got this Chocolate cheese cake. It is very nice smell of the cheese.The smell of the cheese is nice, and it is not very sweet.

Later passes by the shop, called Cash converter. It is so much bigger than the cash converter in Singapore wo. Maybe because the rental here is cheaper.

Went to the port at the wrong time, because it is not opened when I got there. Duh, have to return back early, to have a good dinner.

As I was waiting for the train on the platform, I noticed on thing that is out of ordinary. That is the use of the tie rod, in place of a sleeper. Wow, A tie rod can actually replace the railway sleeper.And the surrounding sleeper along the railway track, is actually looks corroded, and lost most of it's functionality. So probably in time of need, they uses tie rod to hold the track in place, until the track cutter arrive to cut it, and replace the sleeper.

Duck for Mr Xiao Lao Shu

Got this duck meat, for Mr Xiao Lao Shu. Sure is very hungry, after the Mc Donald breakfast, and the cheese cake, so get more and more food, to recharge. You can see how hungry I am, but luckily, I got a huge tank to fill em up.


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