Monday, November 24, 2008

8th November 2008, Saturday

Saturday , what a lovely day wo, Make a move to one place……Dolphin ride, hear there is this dolphin swimming, so woke up early, to make a trip down to the Grenelg beach. It is a beach in the east part of Adelaide, down south East. Saw this train, which is huge de loh, but seldom see it coming.

When reached the harbor, found that the sea is too rough, they are not sailing today, so too bad, but still make my way around the beach, and look at the seawaves. It is a huge waves round continuously.

Found a cute little doggie, and play ball with the dog, the doggie is so cute de wo, wonder how they train the dogs one.

As I make my way back found that the City is having Adelaide festivals, where there are a lot of cars, decorated, and marching. There is santa claus also, and some horse ride. And after the event is over, Went to take a bus, to mount Lofty.

Mount Lofty

This is a high mountain in Adelaide Hill. It sees over the Adelaide city and suburb. It looks like it is a huge country, with vineyards all around. Taking a bus up is a long time, but it is quite worth it, because the view is really very beautiful.
And after that, found a foot path that leads to one place, Cleland wildlife park.

Cleland Wildlife park

Cleland Wildlife park is a nature reserve, used to keep kangaroo, koala, and Ringo. Hohoo, Kangaroo is flocking here, went and bought a packet of kangaroo feed, and feed the man himself. They looks very adorable de wo. Touched the Koala also. Koala is very cute, but you cannot touch their head. Else they would feel sad the whole day. Awww….. and Koala sleeps a lot, and eats a lot. Wish I was a Koala too.


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