Monday, November 24, 2008

12th November 2008, Wednesday

Another day, and I have this sudden craving for the oysters at the oysters shop, in grenelg beach. Yum yum, I really missed it, cos I did not satisified my craving on sunday, So I went back, to eat again.

During the way, I saw this road, blockade by a lot of police cars. I was on the way to the beach, so oysters are more important than that, but I did get the snap shot of it. I winder what really happened there wo. hmm.... Must be something big, cos they covered up the whole street, and a lot of people are looking and pointing. Something that sees to exist everywhere.

When I reached the Grenelg beach by tram, I went to the jetty to look again the people fishing, and also saw this guy, climb the pole, and jump off from the jetty. Oh wow, but it really look dangerous wo. Daring person, I must say. He is able to climb back, after he dived in. I can really feel the impact he faces, because he dive with a slap. Amazing.

When I reached the oyster shop, I realised that I did not bring enough money. Oh no~!
I settle with only half of the dozen oysters, and I get it all natural. After that, It is a taste of a new kind of fish, that is very popular in Australia. Barramudi.
Yum yum, the Barramudi Fish is very nice, taste like parrot fish. The meat is veryt well cooked byt he chef, and he is a chinese. In fact, when I went there, is is two chinese girl, and one chinese man manning the Oyster shop. Is oyster shop owned by the chinese Australian?

After finished the fish, I finish it off with an Ice Cream. Hee hee, It is 15 degree cold, and I am still eating ice cream. But the ice cream is really nice wo.
Get a tram fast back, and made it back to the hotel on time. This time, no mistake with the train timing now. :)


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