Monday, November 24, 2008

11th November 2008, Tuesday

I woke up with some pain, probably cos very tired. So not going anywhere. Instead, I went to the Library, to have a look around, and to read on on some books, to see what Adelaide has to offers in reading. After that, Oysters. Yum yum. This is another round of oysters, and After that, It is the kangaroo meat. This is a clue. There is only one restaurant around Mawson Lake, selling Kangaroo meat, and it is very very dry. I definitely recommend you not to try this out. I put this restaurant in my black book, so shall not visit it ever again. Only the Café Primo suit me well. With all the western food.

Then, I was looking at the mirror in the washroom, I realize the glass that I am wearing, makes me like an old man when it is placed at an angle. So I tried making this old man look, Hohoho, looks like I am older by 20 years by a tilt of the glass.

And by the way, the glass that I am wearing, doesn’t means I am short sighted. It is to protect my eye from the ultra-violet light, and electrostatic radiation. This is a special glass, that block out radiation, and also to absorb the sunlight, and convert into shading. This is a transition glass too.

Thus, I got this to protect my eye, since the eye is very sensitive to sunlight too. It adapts to outdoor quickly, and adjust the colour by itself, judging by the intensity of the sunlight.

Well, so much for the introduction. And to end with, it is a pure titanium frame.


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