Wednesday, November 26, 2008

14th November 2008, Friday

Central Market

Friday……What am I gonna do on Friday? Hmm…. Go to some place where there are more happening. And one of the place is: Chinatown.

Yup. In Adelaide, Chinatown is called Central market. It is a place, where it is like Chinatown, because a lot of things that is sold there are for the Chinese. And inevitably, in any country you visit, sure there is one small little place that have China town. And you know, in Chinatown, you definitely can find……Chinese. Somehow it feels more comfortable here, because you get to see a lot of Chinese here, and speaking in Chinese is easy, and in some cases, Cantonese is well understood. Too bad, I dun understand Cantonese, this is because when ordering the food, one of the waitress suddenly talk to me in Cantonese. So I blur blur.

Anyway, in Central market , there are a lot of stalls selling souvenirs, meat, veggies. And not forgetting, some Chinese restaurants, There is Chinese hardware shop around the corner too. Then there is one hair salon, and internet café.

One of my favourite stalls is no doubt, OYSTERS SHOP~! Yummy yummy yum yum. There are only two shops in the Central market that I came across selling oysters. and you know, the oysters actually can move de wo. wow~! If I eat the oysters, sure hug the shells to sleep, cos I really feel like eating all of them. but I may have to stay in hotel for the rest of the trip if I do that.

I went to the same restaurant that I arrived before, East Taste Café. Got this time, the claypot seafood, Ee fried rice, and shark fin soup. Yum yum. The shark fin soup cost $12.50, with a small bowl, but the soup is really fantastics. It have the taste. And the claypot seafood, I was tempted so much by the prawns and squid. Yum yum. The Squid is really big and chewy. Yippy.

Purple mysterious trees

Along the way, Saw this street, full of trees with purple flowers. I was so thrilled that I take a numberous shot of the trees, and some is the tree and Mr Xiao Lao Shu. Xiao Lao Shu love purple, cos he seems like very happy one. I was wondering how come the flowers bloom in winter wo? But it is very nice. Wish to see Sakura flower……haha, good thing, I did not have that temptation to get a straw mat and sits under the purple tree.

As I walk along the road, I came by one Adelaide Gun Shop. Hmm…. It was moved, and to another place, which is down a street. Along the street, I found the new place of the shop, Adelaide Gun Shop. It have a lot of guns in it, and the bullets is of course, behind the counter. There is some revolver, and shot guns are plenty and cheap looking. I guess shot gun is more popular, because there are some people who do hunting. So is it the rabbit season or duck season? If only we have rat season, then there will not no more rat to bully Mr Xiao Lao Shu.

As I was walking back to Central market, Came across another university. It is called Flinders university. Hmm….. flinders. Sounds familiar wo.

On the way home, one of my eyeball noticed a beetle. And it is a huge beetle. Hee hee. The beetle is a blue colour beetle. I fetch Xiao Lao Shu out, and take photo for him. He looks happy. Beetle is the very first car that my grandfather got before the Mazda. Really missed my grandfather, but what to do……

As I walk along the road back, noticed this beautiful sunset. I guess, the most beautiful sunsets, are not easily taken, and only for those who are there……So wish there is someone to watch with……maybe the day when I return.

In the hotel......Sadly, I am eating the chocolate alone......the milk chocolate teddy bear......with Mr Xiao Lao Shu. Good thing I got a Xiao Lao Shu, else, sure very very sad. Thank you for the company, Mr Xiao Lao Shu. And thank GOD for giving such great weather for the past few days or cold wind. I really loves it.


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