Saturday, November 29, 2008

17th November 2008, Monday

Trip to Melbourne

Yippy, Moving to another city now~! After two weeks of staying in Adelaide, today’s the day to move to another city: Melbourne. Yesterday night is really very cold in the middle of the night wo. I thought I can do without the aircon, but was cold till wake up, and drag my lazy bum to find that remote control and turn on the heater. Hmm…. In Australia, you can find reversible aircon one. This is like an aircon, that can blow either hot or cold air. Have not stumble to see how they work, but I just turn on the heater, and sleep with it on.

When I wake up, and find that outside is very chilling wo. But the sky is really lovely in the morning. And I have to wake up early in the morning 0400, to pack up fully, and squeeze a lot of things into the suit case. Also, to prepare to transport the chocolates and strawberries, becasue they have to be kept cold.

At the same time, I switch on the TV, and there are some America news showing, Selling commercial. And the best part is, there is sermon showing on one or two channels. At 0550, I have to bid farewell to the things inside, such as the chair, table, microwave oven, etc. And move on out to the gate. The taxi really come at 0600 as requested, and we packed up to go to weswick station to take the interstate railway.

By Railway Reason

I chooses the railway to go to Melbourne, because I wanted to see the land of Australia passing me, instead of just whizz by from the sky. It is a 12 hour trip. From 0700 to 1900 train ride. I got the Red premium service cabin, which cost me $159. And there is a Red service cabin too, and it is $79

The difference is that there is a bigger seat space, and the cabin does not shake that much. I really did not regret getting the red premium service. Because through the journey, it is very smooth. And I find only old folks inside the cabin, and I am the only young guy in it.

Hmm…. Feel so weird. Then, the seats on my row is totally empty. I was so overjoyed because I can get the whole row of three seas for myself. So sometime, I see the right scenery nice, I shift there. And sometime the left scenery is nice, I shift back. Took a picture of Mr Xiao Lao shu, sitting by the window, wondering what is he thinking.

I went to the café often, because only the café have the AC outlet. I proceed to the café, and recharge the phone once it is low on power. There is a DVD rental too at the café. My lunch, is the Chicken salad. It is a huge portion that I become full after eating that, with a glass of water. Hmm…. Looks like I amd drinking a lot of water.


Then we passes by some farms, and they grow wheats, oats, and there are sheeps and cows roaming around the fence, eating the grass. Some farmlands are grown only for the grass, so the animals have something to eat on. Pass by this place, where it have wind mills. Or wind generator. These wind mills are huge, and they are turned by the wind to generate power.

It is the harvest season, some wheas are harvested in the weekends, and they are placed in the field, to wait for the transport to carry them.

Unnamed hill that changes colours at different angle

Then somewhere on the 8th hour, I saw this huge hill, that is green at the bottom, but brown on top. And I quickly flip the map to see what hill is that. But I have no bearings, so can’t actually make out where is it. But as the train goes, the green area slowly turns to brown, and then, it is the whole brown hill, and after sometime, it become yellows. Hmm… what hill is that wo. Next time I must bring a compass, but when will that next time be……

Approaching Melbourne After 10 hours, we approaches the city. And the first thing is saw a different kind of the train, that carry passengers. They are the train called V-train. Hmm…. We were in the Overland, and actually were running along side with the V-train. And our train won, because it is travelling faster than them.

It is a non stop service to Melbourne, but it does stop at certain station for the people to get off and get on the train. As the city is approaches, some railway tracks appears and joins to the other track one by one, and I can faintly catch the sight of the Melbourne City. I am first greeted by the industrial area od the Melbourne. And caught sight of a lot of sprayed graffiti. A lot of them are quite creative one. And some of them might be a signature of a group of people who do the spraying.

Southern Cross Station

The train starts going slow as it approach the station. And this is the station I reached in Melbourne: Southern Cross. There ae two huge stations in Melbourne city. One of then is the Southern Cross, and another is the Flinder Station.

As I was looking for my luggage, I found out that the Red premium luggages are distributed in a different place from the Red service passenger. I think they first draw out luggage for the red premium services first, before the Red service passengers. Cos when I got to the luggage cabin, they are still drawing out the luggage for them.

Oh yeah, My first step that I landed, is the left foot. Hee hee. I was so anticipated that I stood for some time at the door, and slowly bring out my left foot and touch the ground, first time in my life wo. And then the right foot follows.

First Priority to hotel first

I took the luggage, and was very quickly rushing to look for the hotel: Victoria Hotel. Hmm…. It is a cheap hotel, but I just need an accommodation for the next 1 week. It is hard to find the road at first, because I was looking for Little Collins and there is no sign board showing. I made a call and was told it is 5 building “street” away. I thought it is 5 buildings away, so was very lost after I got pass 10 buildings. Then I look to the map that is on the walkway, and found out, it is 5 building streets away.

Oh Gosh~! So far~! When I exit the station, I was looking at Batman’s hill Hotel. Duh, this is the very first hotel that I approached when I was planning for this vacation, and they apparently do not haveany room when I called them up, 3 months away.

Where wo?

Anyway, It is chilling too, and I walk and walk, and was amazed that there are a lot of tram roaming around, and they come from different direction. Rarely I see buses here. And the night is very bright in Melbourne one. A lot and a lot of people are walking on the street. Although I am hungry, but I just wanna find the hotel first.

And when I finally found it, I was very relieve, but was shocked, because the Hotel is in Little Collin street, and it is a small street, and not the main street one. I actually passes the small street once. I did not turn my head to see it. No wonder I thought I was completely lost. But anyway, if I were desperate to the end, I would call the cab for it. But just want to have the fun of looking for hotel. Hee hee.

When I settled everything and got to the hotel, one thing I do is to unpack the strawberries and chocolates into the fridge fast before they are melt. And I was so glad the size of the fridge was fit nicely. Cos the fridge is totally full after the strawberries goes in. I walk down the street, with glove and scarf on, because it is very cold de loh. And looking for my dinner too. Then passes by this café, and it says Lamb chops for $9.50. hmm. Dropped by, and find that the lamb chop is juicy and nice.

I passes by a abalone shop, and was amazed to see how huge the abalones are wo. So huge~! I wish I can gobble it up, but I do not have enough budget for it. So sad. Take a slow walk, and was puzzle dof seeing a lot of Chinese here one. Most are probably studying, and there are some speaking Koreans, and other country. Melbourne must be a good place to study here one. Hmm… But after walking a few streets, I make my way back to the hotel, and explore the facilities. It have indoor swimming pool, a gym, and a roof garden that the door seems to be closed one. First day of my life in Melbourne alone. . . but not totally Alone, cos I got Mr Xiao Lao Shu too.


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