Thursday, November 27, 2008

16th November 2008, Sunday


I woke up early today, and the first thing that comes to my mind is: Strawberry~! I was thinking of the thrill of seeing a strawberry farm. Yup. It exist here in Adelaide, in the hill region.

Gotta wake up early, but first, go and get a breakfast. Before moving off, I spotted a nice rose bush. And decided to take a picture. It is just outside the Gurny Lodge, the self contained apartment that I lives in. It have no huge sign,just a small one, and quite simple. So perhaps it is because it is simple, that’s why it is cheap one.

As I pass by one café, I step in, because there are no other café open. Got a Aussie big breakfast. It have sausage, Bacan, toasted tomato, toast, two eggs and mushroom. With a tea to go with too. It cost only $12.50 for that. Wow, try order something like that for $12.50 in Sg and see what you get. Hee hee

The tea is called earl gray. And it is in this small metal netting, to prevent the tea leave from dropping out. Wow, this is the first time to see such a thing. And it is quite useful, cos you no need to use a bag, which can create more wastage one.

Went to the city, to catch a bus. Well, I actually missed the bus, but on detect a faint sign of the next bus stop sign, and the probability of catching the bus in the next stop is quite high, I immediately spring to it. Luckily for me I am wearing a track shoe. So haha, can run fast. If I am wearing workshop boot, sure cannot one, cos workshop boots have metal, and can be very heavy one.

When I got on the bus, phew, I was so glad, cos the next bus have to wait for one hour. And I really dun want loh. 1 hour will be wasted wo.

Along the way, there are some vineyard. When I reached the stop, remember wo, if you wanna go to the Strawberry farm, it is bus 57 wo. I got down, and went to the shop and look around. For a small amount of money, you get a small basket and go in, and guess what, you get to pick your own strawberries~! I though strawberry grows on bushes but they are growing on the ground one. Wow, This is something new to me wo. I search and search for the good strawberries, and even take some photo and video of Mr Xiao Lao Shu. Quite cute video one. I found that small strawberries are usually sweeter than the big one. But the big one are usually juicy. And think again, it is harvest time. I pluck and pluck, until it is overflow, and have no choice but to stop.

I am picking strawberries for those folks at home. Wow. So much wo. And to get back home, I will still be in Australia for another 1 week, but I still pluck.

German Town

After that, I take a short walk, to a small german down. Hadnkof. It is a small town established in 1839. I went and check it out all the stores, well, almost all. They are all like town one, and there is a town hall too, like the western movie. There are some restaurants that have very good dish. But I settle for one outstanding shop. Zorro restaurant. It is like the restaurant is dedicated to Zorro, the man, who wears a mask. Wonder have you heard of zorro before? I only watched the drama last time. Another reason why I choose that shop is because when I pass by the restaurant, I was attracted by this roasting smell, and it is getting stronger every moment I get closer to the restaurant. I get to try something that I have never tried before. Roasted Quail bird. Yum yum. But the bird is very very small wo. Hmm…. If only it is fried, perhaps can just eat it whole, with the bones inside.

Then there is this main event. Kangaroo meat. It is a roasted meat, and it is so much nicer than the one I eat in the previous hotel. Contrary to the previous roo meat, this is juicy, and tender. And the sauce is great and there is no smell whatsoever. After a long time of thinking, I asked one of the waitress, to borrow a zorro suit, that lays on one of the display. The waitress went to the owner, and ask for it. Wow, I didn’t know that wo, the guy who is very young, is the owner of the Zorro restaurant, and he is wearing a chef shirt, and sitting among the table. Hmm….Anyway, I got a chance, and wears it and take a photo for that. And it is great. It is hard to get such a costume.

Zorro Restaurant

Aftet the zorro restaurant, I take a short walk around, and pass by this stone house, and it looks like an art museum. In it, there are a lot of artifact of German family. There are a lot of photos, showing a family, and the organ piano, chair, and how they worship. It is very historical looking one. And it is free, and if you think it is good, you can drop some cash in, to help continue to keep it going.

Along the way, I spotted this doggie, which is so huge wo. Australian are really lucky, they can get to keep big doggie. As for us, we can only keep small doggie like Maltese.

Went back by bus, and it is a ten minutes wait. But I feel lucky, cos I was worried whether there is any bus to bring me down the hill one.

When I got back, I quickly keep the strawberries in the fridge. And let it cool. This is so that it will not spoilt fast. And at night, when I called back home, my folks comment that it will not last long. Duh, and I have to try to eat them. Well, I tried, but cannot finish it off, cos the strawberries are too many. But I still love it. It is the freshest strawberries wo. Straight from the plant. As evening approaches, I take a look at the sunsetclosely, becuase it is my last night to see the sunset in Adelaide...

IT is Sunday today, and I will be going to Melbourne, tomorrow early in the morning. I called up the Cab company, to get a cab. so that tomorrow morning, I can get the cab to the train station. There is no train that goes to the train station so early, so have to call for it. Anyway, must reach there early, cos trains wait for no man wo.


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