Wednesday, November 26, 2008

15th November 2008, Saturday

Check out Mawson Lake Hotel

Today is the day, to check out. To check out Mawson lake hotel. Yup, I have been staying in Mawson lake, and now, I am moving to another location. Staying at a place long, can really bore a person one. I am moving in t North Adelaide. It is 5 bus stops away from the city. North Adelaide is nearer to the city than Mawson lake, because Mawson lake is 34 stops away, whereas North Adelaide is only 5 stops away. I am staying in

190 Gover street, in an apartment called Gurny Lodge.

It is quite a peaceful town, because it is a few distance away from the main road. It is cheaper than MAwson lake. Probably because it is a bit isolated. And it is closed when I got ther.e but I found the note of the key, so I grab it and went in. Wow, it I really small, but it is very accessible to everything. The kitchen, Sink, bath room everywhere is near. And the stuff prepared are adequate.
Now I really feels like cooking the turkey drumstick again.

As I checked in, I immediately take the Haigh’s Chocolate out, and keep it in the fridge. Yup, scared that it would melt.So those who got chocolate from me, you should think of my loving tender care when you eat that chocolate.

After a short night nap, I get down to rundle mall, to have a short walk. Today was realized that Rundle mall is like Sg orchard road. It have a lot of shops, and as Australian lifestyle, all the shops starts closing at 1700. And by the time I finished the street and turn around, everyone are scrumbling to close the shop. I hurried down to Woolworth, and found that the shop does not have any turkey drumstick. Oh NO~! no turkey drumstick. I really love the drumstick.

Piggy Restaurnt, The pink pig

While I was walking down the street, I caught sight of a piggy. Haha, it is a restaurant called the pink pig. The pig is really cute one.

As I look through the menu, and walking down O'connell street, I caught sign of one restaurant. It is called Ned Kelly restaurant. Hmm.... This is the first time I come to this kind of shop, and the outing is really attractive. and and I look through the menu,

One thing it attracts me is lamb chops. yum yum, and checking out the oysters, found that the price is reasonable enough for that amount of oysters. and As I look inside, the layout seems to be australian style. So curiously, I went in, and found that it is empty, and it was 1800 sharp, when I enter, and they are opened at 1800. So I ordered a lamp chop, and while waiting, I look around, and find a lot of this stuff surrounds Ned Kelly. Who is he wo. and I caught sight of one sentence.

"You can kill a man, but you cannot kill a legend"

Wow, is he some famous man in Australia? I really really loves that lamb chop. It is simply fabulous. With that juice out of the meat, and the right mixing of the baked potato, and that salad. It is gorgeous. I am telling you, if you go to North Adelaide, MAke Sure Make Sure you give Ned Kelly Restaurant a try. It is along the main road O'Cornell Street. I did not managed to take the beef, but I am sure, it must be great. I am really really glad I have stepped into this restaurant.

Honto ni honto Daisuki desu yo.


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