Sunday, December 14, 2008

Crab Eating. Yum Yum

Where oh where is Mr Xiao Lao Shu?

This is something I have been puzzling: Ever since I came back, I never see Mr Xiao Lao Shu. Hmm…. I really hope I did not left him somewhere in Australia.

I have been searching the whole house, but couldn’t find him. So I decided, to play a song for him, hoping that he would find himself home. One of my friends even mention that perhaps Mr Xiao Lao Shu so missed the Australia life, that he find an envelope, and pack himself up, and post out back to Australia. Wow, is he that clever? I would fefinately chop my head to see this.

Red Alert 3

It have been more than 1 month, and I have yet bought the red alert 3 CD. Oh no~! Sometime, I really wants to get the time out to play it, because it really looks so cool. You know, I have once passes by the Best Denki Superstore, but did not have enough time, as my time for lunch is reached, and have to proceed back. Duh. I am only 74 steps away from the counter wo.

Nowadays, I found myself in jeopardy, because there are three assignments that I need to do, and one of them is due in 3 weeks. Oh gosh, Where got time wo. The workplace is really in a mess.

It seems that after I left for a long break, there are a lot of projects, and people are trying very hard to cope with it. As soon as I returned, I found the list to be so long wo. And the most bizarre thing is that the toilet bowl choke incident continues. If I really catch the person who make the toilet choke everytime, I would definitely beat that fellow on the floor, before I start questioning. Hmm… really very pissed off by this, because it have been happen so frequent. And everyone’s really have a phobia of repairing that toilet, where everything have to open, just to remove one small bottle that found its way into the hole.

There are a lot of promotion going on as well. Most probably it is because it is Christmas season nowadays, and there are a lot of activities going on. Wow, Last minutes notice, couldn’t resist them. Haha, got a notice that requires to be done in three hours. Hmm… It really can be done, but there are other jobs to do wo. Really rush fast in the eleventh hour.

Eng Seng Crab

How many people actually know this: Eng Seng Crab. It is one of the popular dish, that is happening in the east part of Singapore. It is a small little coffee shop, and it serve really nice black pepper crabs. Went with 3 friend there, and have a taste of it. Most taxi drivers knows where is it, because it is a ulu place, and buses rarely goes there. I got there by cab, and found that the shop is already almost full. There are a lot of crabs around.
We ordered the crabs, and it is really nice, perhaps only No signboard’s White pepper crab can fight with the Eng Seng’s Black pepper crab.

Along the way, Saw this very cute picture that tells people that they are closed on Wednesday. Looks really cute, like the guy is going to kill the crab, but the crab tell him that they are closed for the day. Believe me, you can find this in only one place in Eng Seng Coffee Shop: The Toilet.

Aftet the crab eating session, it is the dessert time. Yummy. Went to the Coffe Club, for nice dessert. And it is the legendary Chocolate mud pie. It is definitely, nicer than the one I eat in NYDC. Because it have this taste that NYDC dun have. Hmm…. Could consider the switchover.

Siphon brewed coffee

I was wondering, is siphon brewed coffee great taste? I have been watching the counter people brewing the coffee on the siphon. And it is like this, they put the coffee powder on top, and water at the bottom. And they would turn on the fire for 40 minutes, to let the coffee brew. And then when they turn off, the coffee which is filled with steam, drop to the water below. Hmm…. Been wanting to try it, but it is around night time, so din wanna get that, else at night cannot sleep.

Starbuck free coffee

Yay~! Finally, I got to see this, Starbuck’s free coffee on the house for one hour. I went to support this event, where you can get free coffee between 1800 to 1900. And it is truly a huge welcome, because it really is something that no shops willing to make. This is because it is of no profit, as coffee are given free. To me, I think it is great promotion, because it create awareness, and people get a chance to taste the expensive coffee, and may love it, and try it again next time when they return.

At first, I do not know this, because it really sounds unbelievable. But if this happens in the morning, maybe I would go and try it too. How about having this free coffee from 0700 to 0900 in the morning, for those who are going to work. I would be the first queuing up.


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