Sunday, November 30, 2008

21st November 2008, Friday

Smoked Salmon for breakfast

I woke up today late again, then go to this café just opposite of the hotel. It is a small café, and I think they really have a wide range of wine. But I settled for a cup of Mocha. I prefer Mocha. Yum yum. Then get a smoked salmon, and there you have it, I have Smoked Salmon for breakfast.

To St Kilda Beach

As I was thinking yesterday, how does the beach looks like. Thus, I walk to the street, and was walking to the tram stop. I pass by some shops, selling outdoor camp stuff. Wow, their outdoor camping stuff is really very equip. Got cookery, fly trap, Bunsen burner also. I was looking at the sleeping bag. But guess it would be very bulky if I were to get that back on the plane. But the sleeping bag is really look nice. If I got OT in work, that sleeping bag will definitely come in handy.

I got on a bus, and was in the wrong bus. But it does get to the beach. It is a very very long distance. I should have get the other bus. Remember. If you are going to the beach, be sure to get on bus number 96 wo. Anyway, I did get to the beach, and it is called St Kilda Beach. Wow. It is quite huge, just like east coast park. And that beach, is a man made, and there are some restaurant there too. It would definitely be a romantic place to bring someone special to. Because it is very windy, and the sea wave is strong. The sun is just nice. With the cool wind blowing.

I walk till the St Kilda Pier, and walked to the pier side. Where there is a restaurant too. But I did not go in, cos I am not hungry yet. Beyond the restaurant, is the breakwater. And I walked to the very end, and it was locked up. After reading a sign board, I learnt that beyond the locked gate, is the penguin’s resting ground. This is because it does not want the penguin to migrate, so that lock it up, so that the human will not disturb the penguins.


I move down to the wooden bridge that is nearby, and hear a bird’s calling. I follow it, and found a Penguin. Oh, it is so cute. And there is only one penguin, looking at me. Mr Xiao Lao Shu is so excited, I take a photo with Mr Xiao Lao Shu. After that, I stayed around, and see the algae, and seaweed. There are a lot of seaweed, but it is for the animals there to eat one.

South Melbourne Market

I later take the tram, to a place which I also have in mind. South Melbourne Market. It is a market, yes, and I wanted to see how the Melbourne market looks like. Well, it sells food, some kangaroo meat are on sale here too. Eating Roo meat seems to be like eating pork. There are chicken too. And then, some household stuff, and there are massage here too. I tried one, and it is ok, and it is only for half an hour one. I get myself some T shirt there too. For a very cheap price of $6.


Then, I passes by one shop that I like most: Oysters shop. Wow~! The oysters are so tempting. Really feel like gobble them all. It is selling at $22 for 2 dozen pieces, Aiyah~! Why din I go in the first place wo. Else I really can get them and gobble them all. Anyway, I get to eat 5 pieces of oysters on the spot. It is really fresh. If I got smart enough, I would come in the first day and get them. But it is too late. Tomorrow, I will be going back. Sad.

It is 1600, and some shops are starting to close. I also make the next move to the next destination: Melbourne Convention Center. Why I go there, is because I wanted to go and tak a look at the current exhibition: Sexpo. It is an exhibition that Singapore did not give permission to, when Sexpo wants to exhibit it. Hmm… I was quite curious of what sexpo offers. I make the move there by tram, and got off at the convention center. I was shocked by the price. $42 for the entrance fee one. Oh gosh, but there are a lot of people going to it, and queuing up to go in. I am a bit low on budget, so guess gotta skip it.

Novotel Hotel

I walk along the street back, and pass by this place called Novotel. Hmm… this is a very unforgettable name. because Novotel exist in Singapore too. It is in Clarke quay. Why is it so unforgettable is because Meidiya is there also. And meidiya is one supermarket where I once tried to look for the seafood Akagai. But the thing that I look for is actually Sazae. Well, it goes like this, one day, I was in Ginza and saw this nice looking shell. I asked the people that what is it, and they told me it is Akagai. So in orchard, I tried to look for Akagai. But not many place got Akagai. And when I found out that meidiya have it, I went, and saw it is a different thing. And it is later found out that the food that I saw in Ginza is actually Sazae. Sazae is a kind of shell that looks like snail. It is a very delicious meat. And the juice is a very tasty drink.

Anyway, saw this chocolate shop in Novotel. Well, you know, I love chocolate, so I pop in and got two chocolates. One of then is a Snail, and the other is a chocolate bucket. The chocolate bucket after eating, there is a macadamia nut in it. Yum yum. But the snail taste better, because it is soft and nice to eat. The hotel is quite huge, but I assume it is more expensive than Victoria hotel.

Japanese Hot Stone

Tonight’s last dinner in Melbourne, is A Japanese hot stone restaurant. Yum yum. It is a stone cooking, and I come here is to learn the real tactic of cooking with stone. Cos this is something that I wanna learnt how to cook with the stone, since I got a stone myself at home. Anyway, found out that the stone, have to be heated to 400 degree, and then can use it to cook. Yum yum.

And they got oysters here too, so tried a few. And when everyone is drinking wine here, I get myself a green tea. Hmm…. Feels that I am traditional. But I find the wine bitter if I drink it with the food.

After I went back, I go for the final session of the Spa, and went back to pack up my bag for tomorrow.

Tomorrow, is the last day….Happy time really flies very fast.


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