Sunday, November 30, 2008

20th November 2008 Thursday

Victoria Market

Sleep late again. And I woke up around 1100. Hmm…. Can sense the housekeeper around the vicinity. So get cracking. Well, really thought I wanted to go to Victoria Market today, but well, looks like the rain is glooming.

I was walking along the street when I passes by a café, and noticed that they have American big breakfast. Thinking of a friend’s comment about the American big breakfast, I step in, to see how it is taste like. Well, it havce two steaky bacon, 2 back bacan, one hot dog, fried egg, a bit of salad and pair of toast. Yum yum. I got quite a complete feast with a cup of mocha. It was so totally charged up and it really is a common sight, that the working class bids the waitress farewell by saying “Thanks ya, see ya later” hmm…. Do we get this in other place??

Bicycle Shop in Melbourne

As I pass by a bicycle shop, I step in, and noticed how popular race bike is in Australia. There are quite a lot of race bike here, and most of them have thin wheel. Unlike my bicycle, which is a big fat wheel, Australia bicycle are also light, and the price is cheap too. Met with a lot of bicycle tools, that we cannot find at home.

Then saw this toilet entrance that is quite interesting. It is a toilet, that is along the street, and it is like there is this stair, and there is the sign of the toilet. I went down, and realizes that it is a small toilet, and very well maintained, because there is no smell. Hmm…. It is easy to find toilet here. So as I was still on the way to the Victoria Market, I noted that there is a big storm brewing. In a rush, gotta cancel the trip, and take the city circle free tram to the Malbourne Aquarium.

Melbourne Aquarium

Melbourne Aquarium is a bit expensive, cos it is a AUD$20++. I stepped in, and was greeted by some crabs, jelly fish, and there are some cultivated jelly fish, where you can see the egg to the adule jelly fish. Then the star fish, and last but not least, the huge aquarium, where there are lotta fish that is estimated to feed a family of four, for an entire year. Yummy yummy.

The most eye catching is that there are a lotta sharks and sting ray. Remember how the Australia crocodile was sting by the sting ray and died? Well, it is observed that sting ray are actually not fierce, unless people tries to catch, or ride on it. And although when the victim is sting, the venom actually don’t kill person, except by letting a person feel extreme pain. And thus, the way to reduce the pain, is to pour warm water over the affect part, and in 30 minutes, it will neutralize the venom, and have to rush the patient to the hospital. This is because the sting that attached to the skin, is like a hook that will rip the whole muscle off. Thus, only the hospital have the tools to remove a sting ray’s sting.

After leaving the Melbourne aquarium, I make a move on to crown entertainment center. Inside, I was greeted by the world’s famous Crown casino. Wow~! A casino wo. A sneak peek into the future Singapore casino. As I step in, I realized that there is no need to pay any price. Just walk around, and you will see a lotta jackpots inside. Then the roulette table. Most of them are a minimum bet of $5. And people put their bets like it is nothing to them. Wow. Really rich de lor. And most of the time, when the number came out, chips goes by the tens are sweep off the table and into the hole for sorting and back to the table. At certain table, there are groups of people gathering there, and cheers as the player wins. Sometime, the player will be angry, but they are cleared off later, and continue the game again.

I did not managed to place any bet, because I needed the money to continue my journey. So much for planned budget.

European Dinner

After leaving the casino, I went to look around for dinner food. And when I caught two, I needed some time to decide, and since I am not hungry, I make my way cross the Yaara river, and into Ratiol Tower. Ratiol tower, is a 55 storey building with 360 degree to look around Melbourne. Wow. Although we have UOB in the CBD, but the top floor is not opened to public like the ratiol tower. So sad. And then, there are places where you can get out of the glass door, and feels the wind. The wind is really very strong, and they sometime stop, and blow out of the sudden. Free binoculars are everywhere, for people to take a look, and see the surrounding. And AMAZINGLY, I can see the window of the hotel that I am staying in. and the most amazing is I can also see ratiol tower from my window too.

After the tower, I feel hungry now, and went out back to the crown casino .

Went to this restaurant called Geco Dining. It is an European cuisine and it offers huge slice of cake. Wow. And I got myself a whole snapper. It is a wooden roasted, and bears the smell of the burnt wood. And beneath the fish, are some potatos, and my favourite veggie, Spinach. Yum yum. I gobble them all up, and the fish is quite enough. It is a baby snapper, so it is not so huge. Later, have the chocolate cheese cake, and a cup of hot chocolate. I guess the restaurant seems to be lack of waitress because the food come out, and no one bring them to the table. And then, one customer beside me, was so frustrated that he told the manager to pack up the bill and leave, without the meal coming.

Melbourne Night View

After the fabulous meal, I took the walk back to the Ratiol tower for another view: the Night view.

WOW~! The night scene of Melbourne is so beautiful. With the orange and white lights, and you could see the lights, blinking on the sea like the lights guiding the ships in like the airport guiding the airplane back. I noticed that Brisbane is only 60KM away from Melbourne, and the rough estimation indicates that Brisbane is within sight. Pity, cannot see clearly. And then there is another indication, that Adelaide is 650 KM away from Melbourne.

Quantum Solace

Can even see the dark cloud, that brews rain on far sight wo. After leaving, I suddenly have another idea, go to Melbourne central, to catch the show. I take the tram, which is two transfer, and great thing, the train is waiting for me at Swanston street, and I quickly hop on, and went to Melbourne Central. From there, I noticed another entrance, that went straight up to the cinema central. I caught the Quantum Solace at 2245. And it is 30 minutes away. Found an internet café nearby, and it is a self serviced. Quickly settle some of the stuff, and went to catch the show. When it began, it is quite exciting, because there are car chase, boat chase, airplan chase, and bashing here and there, all because of Bond’s vengeance. Lastly, he kills those in the organization, to get rid of them. And Lastly, it says there is another continuation of the James Bond. Wow. The fights are like real, and the chase is very quick.

When I leave the cinema, it is quite freezing cold, and the strong wind continues to blow. Seeing there is no tram, I quickly walk back. And ends the day.

One place that I have in mind.....What is the sea of Melbourne looks like...


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