Sunday, November 30, 2008

22nd November 2008, Saturday

Final Day in Melbourne

Today, is the last day, I am going back. Oh gosh, it is just like a blinking of any eye, It is time for me to get back now. I started packing up, and found I have some bread back in the fridge. Thus, I brought the out and find birds to feel. When I wake up in the morning, It is really very chilling outside.Looks like it is raining yesterday night. There are so many dark clouds today. And the weather is very unpredictable.

Buffet Breakfast

I went to the Alice restaurant, and try out the buffet breakfast. It is a $16 meal, and you can get to choose all you want from range of bacons, eggs, bread, pancake, roast tomato. And some other choice of food. It I simply a lot, peobably because I am eating pancake, that’s why fill up so fast. As I go out of the hotel, it is drizzling. And suddenly, it turn up so heavy, and there are ice falling from the sky wo. Got a few knocks on the head before I reached the shelter. I ended up in the State library, and there are some seagulls there. I feed them with the rest of the bread, cos I could not finish it. And there are sparrows too. Hmm… looks like sparrows exist here too.

At 1230, I walk back to the hotel and wait for the skybus which will bring use to the airport for the price of $15 per head. During the journey, the sky is raining, and I was wondering when will it stop, and will it delay the flight or not. The bus went around to pick up more people. And then when it is full, it goes straight to the airport. The Melbourne airport has three terminals. One for domestics, one for international and another is for domestic also. And guess what, the hotel Hilton is just outside the Melbourne airport. Perhaps this is for those who is in transit to another airplane.

Luggage damaged~!

When I got my luggage, I found that the porter must have thrown my luggage onto the bus, and it is damaged, and cracked. I went and want to get a trolley, but found out that it cost $4 to get a trolley out. Oh gosh~! Need money to get trolley one wo~! In dismay, I carried the handle broken luggage around the airport. And then, saw this temporary storage for luggage at a fee. It cos $8 to keep it for half hour. I decide to carry it around. Later, I found a trolley that someone left behind. I get it and use it. Now I am better. I walk around the airport, and look out for more souvenir to bring back home. Then passes by a donut called kristy crème donut. Hmm…. Get a couple of donut to try it. And Mr Xiao Lao Shu eat it for the last time, the last food to eat in Australia.

At 1730, it is time to get on the plane. It is really sad for me, cos it is a great place to travel. And there are some stuff I have not visited. And one of them, is the Great Ocean Road and Philips island. Perhaps next time, I go for it again.

Good Bye Melbourne.


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